Upcoming Summit, Events, Radio and Important February 2019 Birthdays

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First, there’s an upcoming free online astrology summit that I am a part of with around 20 or more other astrologers interviewed. It’s titled, “Activate You Life Through Astrology: Create a Life of Ease, Balance and Abundance in a Changing World.” Many, many special thanks to fellow astrologer Sally Boyd for inviting me to participate in this free summit that she has created.

Just an FYI to all of my subscribers, I will be sending out a few separate emails about this during the month, so please bare with me for a few extra emails for the summit (I’m attempting to keep the emails down to a minimum…)! And I am sure that the summit is more than worth your time, so please do participate and take advantage of all of the free gifts. Here is the link.

Next, I am now taking clients for a complimentary (free) 30 to 45 min Vibrational Astrology session either over the phone or through Skype. Please have an accurate time of birth from a birth certificate or official record if possible prior to the session (as with all readings). As I learn and apply this new type of astrological language, you will receive the benefit of self knowledge at the cutting edge of astrology research today. Bookings are filling up fast so be sure to let me know asap so that I can get you scheduled.

Also, I’ve got two scheduled in person events at Crystal Source (apologies for not getting this out sooner). If you are local in the Dallas/Fort Worth area, then stop on by for up to date astrological info, a complimentary reading, astrology learning and more. Here is the Meetup link. A very special thanks to James at Crystal Source for his support over the last 4+ years.

The dates are:

  • Saturday February 9th, 3pm to 6pm
  • Saturday March 9th, 3pm to 6pm

Here are a handful of select important birthdays and celestial events for February 2019. New and Full Moons are listed. Times are not critical and are listed only for your reference (subtract 5 hours for EST, 6 for CST, etc.) Hot Spots are the Important Birthdays. Keep in mind that even if your birthday is not listed, either on the day of the event itself or before or after the “hot spots” listed underneath, then that astrological event could still be significant for your birthday. You do not need to know the year of birth in order to use the information below.


Important Birthdays and Celestial Events for February 2019


February 4th, 2019, 9:05pm—New Moon at 15 Aquarius 45

Chinese New Year (Feb 5th) of the Earth Pig—Month of the Fire Tiger

What we’re looking at is a bit of a difficult pinch with this months new moon birthdays as Saturn and Neptune form a relatively tight squeeze over the Aquarius new moon and consequently over the opposite point which is our Leo Sun birthdays below. (The new moon is at the midpoint of Saturn and Neptune for those more technically inclined). This is giving you a sense of what is deep and real in your life. You don’t want the BS anymore and you are willing to go through what you have to, to get to the truth of the matter. This formation is delicate so please take it easy on yourself and remember that it is ok for people to have fun, it’s just that sometimes the truth is screaming at us and we have to take time to listen–that is what this aspect is all about. For the Aquarius birthdays, this sense of seriousness and diving deep into what really matters will stay with your for the entire year.

Important Birthday’s:

Aquarius Sun Conjunct New Moon

Hot Spots: February 4, 5, 6

Leo Sun Opposite New Moon

Hot Spots: August 8, 9, 10

February 19th, 2019, 3:55pm—Full Moon at 0 Virgo 42

For the Aquarius and Pisces birthdays listed below, you are having a full moon on your birthday, so you will have an interesting year. This is also an important year for you too and with the full moon comes a kind of realization. Life is too short to not express what is that you are all about. Life is meant to be lived and that is exactly what is going to happen with Uranus at the last degree of Aries making an out of sign trine to the Moon and a sextile to the Sun. So the opportunities are there to meet new people, go to new places and to have your own kind of fun, so be sure to take advantage of it. For Leo and Virgo, Uranus is still there for a while so that is good for getting out and meeting new people too.

Important Birthday’s:

Leo and Virgo Sun Conjunct Full Moon

Hot Spots: August 23, 24, 25

Aquarius and Pisces Sun Opposite Full Moon

Hot Spots: February 18, 19, 20



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Many Blessings to all and have a wonderful, happy, safe and productive Year of the Earth Pig!