Upcoming Five Element Theory Presentation with Kepler College on Dec 8th, 2012

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Just want to let everyone who is following the site know that things are tracking along, albeit rather slowly. I’ve had to make a few adjustments to the presentation on the Five Elements, which will be better for those viewing the presentation live over the Web. Four Pillars part III is almost ready and will be posted before the presentation. What has been taking so long??? Well, I think that I have thought of a good way of describing what has happened. Simply put, “we don’t know what we don’t know,” meaning that it is impossible to describe an incredibly complex, difficult and at the same time illuminating system as the Four Pillars in light of newly discovered information about the system, which I briefly touched on in the last post. I learned so much more about what I “didn’t know,” over the last few months that I just could not continue with part III of the series on the Four Pillars at the level of understanding that I was in at the time prior to reading Jerry King’s latest two books on the subject. King takes the classical and more nuanced approach to the topic–this is not to say anything one way or the other about different methods.


A Fighting Dragon


For those of you who read this before the presentation, you can actually find out your Daymaster element and polarity if you wish before the presentation. Now with that said, you may say to yourself that that does not describe “you” at all. And yet some may identify with their Daymaster element/polarity greatly and it’s significance as described in the presentation. It just depends on the chart as a whole as to whether a person really personifies their Daymaster element at all, however, it’s importance cannot be underestimated. (The Daymaster is the element that is the stem of the day pillar in your Four Pillar chart.) Click on the link here and enter in your birthday and time to find out (courtesy of Geomancy.net). In the 2nd box below your chart you will see “Birth Element,” in bold, that is your Daymaster (it will be either Yin or Yang) followed by the Chinese animal of your year pillar. You will also see your chart in the top box; in the row “Heavenly Stem” and column, “Day,” is your Daymaster as well. The Daymaster is also known as the “Self element” or just simply the “Self.”

I will be taking questions after the presentation, so please write down anything that you may have or simply post a question to this article. Thank you for attending and thank you for your continued support! Thadd:::SignsInLife