The Beginnings of Things…

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The more that I learn about astrology the more I appreciate that when something was started or begun at a good or auspicious time (electional astrology), the more “flowing” things seem to be from there on out concerning the matter at hand. This observation has taught a few other things as well, namely the fact that a natal chart never goes away, bad charts can be mitigated with help from astrological know how and perhaps most importantly, we can start over. And I should not forget to mention a sense of divine timing–those hunches that tend to pop up from time to time pushing us in a particular direction. But we have to act on the timing and that is the key. So if you are an astrologer you can really get to feel good when you acted in good faith on your intuition and later looked up the chart for the unexpected purchase of that fire extinguisher and then several years later you had to use it. Maybe the purchase receipt fell out of a book or something. Or you went to a friends wedding around the time that you bought it and remembered that it was a Wednesday because that was your shopping day. Thinking back and tracing along the lines of peculiar things in your life can sometimes lead to especially powerful ah ha! moments.


One can test some basic astrological principles out for themselves: watch the Moon and its phases as this will start the basic tempo of whatever it is that you are starting–I’m one for cleansing on a last quarter through balsamic Moon. Is it day or night? If it is something around the house that you are working on it may not really matter when you do begin a project as long as it is during the day and this is obvious for most reasons but would you run for your local city council with an announcement time at 5:30 a.m. just because there are some great trines in the chart and all the planets are pretty much where you want them? The answer is most likely not as the optimal starting place would be a waxing Moon with a near noon for time of day and this would announce that you are starting something great notwithstanding the rest of the chart which would have to be examined carefully. Is Mercury or Venus retrograde? For example many have noticed recently the effects of Mercury retrograde on all of their communications and electronics, especially that long one in Virgo and Leo last summer. And if you say, buy new jeans or a new suit during a Venus retrograde cycle there are likely to be regrets. I have clothes that I have never worn from years ago. I did a little checking and they were purchased during Venus retrograde. Start losing hundreds of dollars and then maybe we have something here. Pain avoidance is a powerful thing.

Before I forget I want to thank everyone who has up until this point and in the future helped to make this site possible: you know who you are and I’m sure that I will be talking about you in the near future. This site will have discussions, mainly astrological ones but metaphysics are within that realm as well along with numerological topics. Time is of the essence and I must go for now–thank you for reading and expect more good things to come: articles, blog posts, pictures and great astrological discussions. Thadd,