After three sessions with Thaddeus, I can definitely state that he holds more insight into the astrological chart than anyone I’ve ever met. I’d never heard of vibrational astrology and in our sessions, he took me on a deep dive of not only personal understanding, but also provided insights on career, love and how the energy of the locations I’ve lived influenced my life path. I highly recommend Thaddeus to anyone who wants to have a regular, recurring astrology expert in their back pocket, I will definitely be back for more sessions!

Bevin Niemann

Thank you Thaddeus! Great session, very impressed. I really appreciate your time and kind words. :) And hope to work with you in the future. Also I found it interesting how you explained the way my chart showed my spirituality and doing things with and for the community, with my passion for doing that, which confirmed the direction I’m going. I am more interested in learning about astrology since my reading. Thanks for explaining it in a language I could understand. Blessed Be )O(

-Shawna R.

My session with Thaddeus was incredibly insightful and fruitful. As we began, I didn’t have many questions, but he was able to kick things off with ease. Once questions started coming up for me, Thaddeus took the time to answer them and explain everything in detail. He listened to my thoughts, and reflected what he found in my chart with a very generous nature. He also gave me a lot of inspiration to continue personal development and to open my mind to different potentials that exist within me. By the end of the session, I was glowing with insight! It seemed like Thaddeus could have kept going, so I’ll definitely be returning for more information. He’s also a really nice person to chat with, which is always something you want out of a consulting astrologer. Thanks Thaddeus!
-Cello C.

I had a reading with Thaddeus. I resonated with so much of what he said. I also connected parts of myself with the Vibrations he described and had some ahha moments. Thaddeus is very knowledgeable in Vibrational Astrology which makes me want to delve in and learn more about Vibrational Astrology.

-Julie K.

Thaddeus, Thank you so very much for my reading last week ~ your wonderful insights into my chart using Vibrational Astrology were fascinating and affirming. It is a completely different way of seeing my strengths in this lifetime!

-Tracy S.

Thaddeus, thank you so much for explaining my charts.  It was very interesting and accurate too!

-Amanda M.

Thank you again so much for the reading, Thaddeus!  It was so generous of you to do, and it was really helpful and fascinating.  It’s interesting to hear a new (vibrational) perspective on my chart, and you’ve given me hope that I may yet break out of my career rut into more meaningful and fulfilling work.  I will keep following your website.
-Jenny M.

Hi Thaddeus,

Thanks again for your reading. I really appreciated your time and advice. You gave me some helpful and useful insights about myself.

-Joy G.

Thaddeus has a wonderful saying on his website “Revealing Meaning Through Astrology” this is so true. Thaddeus has given me more insight and meaning to my life through astrology. This man has a gift that surpasses any astrologer I know so far. I will continue to call upon his gift of understanding my astrological chart when I need more understanding of what the Universe has written in the stars for me. Thanks Thaddeus you are indeed one of kind.

Thaddeus is a wonderful resource and teacher with regard to Astrology. He is very personable and patient when explaining all the distinctions between sun signs, moon signs, and ascendants. He explained the aspects in a manner that anyone could follow. He speaks in a manner that even a novice will understand. His enthusiasm is contagious. I found his class to be very interesting and easy to follow. I would highly recommend him to anyone who has an interest in Astrology.

-Teresa B.