Your Sun Sign…

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I attended a workshop with Michael Lutin (internationally known astrologer) on the 1st of the month. I thought that it was quite good and he raised some issues about astrology that we all need to hear, namely, the fact that there is some kernel of truth to Sun sign astrology. That is your Western zodiacal birthday sign: Aries, Taurus, Gemini, etc. You can find the birthdays for the Sun signs just about anywhere online but if you are not sure, just ask and someone can point you in the right direction.


Many pro astrologers reject the idea of getting your daily or monthly horoscope from the news, magazines, etc. But the thing is this: It really depends on how skilled the astrologer is at tapping into that particular dimension of the Sun’s sign or rather how well they understand that one particular aspect (the Sun) and all of the nuances of the transiting planets around that time. It is an art: kind of like playing a one string guitar and yet it eludes many of us. Of course the predictions are helped tremendously if you have more than one personal planet in a sign (Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars).

Getting a real reading from a qualified astrologer cannot be beat, though. It truly is the best way to understand how the various transiting and progressed influences are affecting you and your circumstances. With that being said, a good Sun sign reading is better than nothing at all, although it intrinsically is simply one factor with some possibility of being even more accurate for the reasons that I mentioned above. But we just won’t really know until we understand our own chart or have it explained to us.

It may take a person many years to finally get to the bottom of what their chart is all about and some of us just may not have the time to do this adequately. I think that I would have been seeing an astrologer much earlier in my life had I known then what I know now but of course, hindsight is, as we are all aware, 20\20. Astrology is, at once, incredibly simple and complex at the same time as are each and every one of us (or most of us, anyway).

Back to the Sun signs. They are real and they do work. Why? When the Sun is in a particular sign it simply means that an essential core part of your being is expressing itself as a very bright flashlight through the “screen” of the sign that it is in. You could also see the sign as a costume or a “style.” If you are a daytime birth then some of the aspects of the sign that you were born under could be more obvious in their expression. If the Sun is nearby another planet then the Sun may absorb the qualities of that planet, shining a light through it and then through the sign, further modifying it’s expression.

In sum, a person’s Sun is an important figure in the chart regardless of what we may have been told and whether we are just looking at the sign of a person or the entire chart. The thing is, is that we just have to let it work as it is supposed to, to just let it be self evident. And yes, for some the Sun may take a back seat to other factors. But that does not mean that it is not there as the Sun is working it’s magic during the day and night. When we tap into the Sun and it’s meaning for us, then we are taking advantage of a tremendous gift or as Lutin might put it, “the Sun represents the highest part of what our parents want for us.” Realizing this and then letting the very best of your Sun express itself through your daily life is a major key to unlocking an undeniable part of who you are and what you’re here to do.–Thadd