September 2014 Forecasting

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The plan is to make the upcoming months Prediction/Forecasting night a regular feature on the site…

I had to skip August’s due to some unforeseen events and was basically sidetracked several times in a row every time I attempted to sit down and get it done. By the time I did have a chance to sit down and upload July’s presentation for August it was already the middle of the month. So I just let it be. I will do my best to keep it together for October’s predictions/forecasts. In October we have a Lunar eclipse on October 8th at 15Aries05 followed by a Partial Solar eclipse on the 23rd at 00Scorpio24. The Lunar eclipse on the 8th will be visible in the early morning hours and the Solar eclipse will be visible in the afternoon throughout North America and Canada.

Sidereal Virgo

Sidereal Virgo


There are some important birthdays for the above two eclipses for September’s Forecasting near the end of the presentation, so if you have a birthday around those dates (your natal Sun), then my advice is to, at the very minimum, use plenty of caution when moving about and around in your life for at least a month prior and a month following the eclipses. If you can’t do that, then I would pay attention to the two weeks before and after at a minimum. If you are already doing some astrology, then plug in the eclipse positions into your natal chart at least and see if those positions conjoin, square or oppose anything significant in your chart–especially the sensitive points and planets. You can also do this with your solar return chart as well.

I think that overall, September will be a ho-hum month, decent public sentiment and more smooth in the flow compared with the previous three months. It’s really a good thing in my mind to have just an average month following the kind of summer that we just had, after all we are in the full throttle Year of the Wood Horse. Again, we will cover the eclipses for October next month and see what we can see. In the meantime if you have any specific questions about September in your life that do not involve a complete free reading, then you can ask them here. The question cannot be “What does September look like for me?” That’s not specific enough. It must be framed in a certain way, here’s an example: “My birthday is a part of the T square that you mentioned in the presentation. What can I do specifically to help myself get through this time?”

Here is the link: Prediction Night September 2014 for the presentation. You can download it and go through it with either Powerpoint or Open Office. It is in .odp format so that everyone can access it. If you have Powerpoint, just click through the prompts and open the presentation, it will work. This is just an attempt to discourage you from utilizing open source software. Or you can just download Open Office for free and use that. It’s free productivity software and you can even save your work in Microsoft formats (.doc or .ppt) if you wish. That’s about it for now. If you have any questions just ask them here and I will get back to you as soon as I can–Thadd