Predicting Accidents With Astrology: New Discoveries (Mixed Midpoint Structures)

I gave the following presentation at the 3rd Annual Vibrational Astrology Conference on March 6th, 2021. This research was, essentially, a natural follow up to my first article on the Vibrational Astrology accident proneness model. You can read the presentation slides here, converted to pdf. accidentpronenessmodelVA1Mar2021

The following is copied from one of the presentation slides. Note: the presentation focuses heavily on mixed midpoint structures across two distinct charts, usually natal harmonic and transiting harmonic, which is the same as “midpt structures in synastry” as found below.

“Pairs Research with David Cochrane:

● Many thanks to David Cochrane for his assistance.
● Results: Sun, Mars and Uranus combinations in the
midpoints, transiting mixed midpoints and composite
vibrational charts are statistically significant for the 63
AA data celebrity accidents* studied here.
● From David, “… the consistent finding is that Sun-MarUra midpt structures in synastry and in composite in
both 8v series and 11v series consistently occur more
often in accidents than is expected by chance.”
● These findings conform to the theory behind the VA
accident proneness model. Sun, Mars and Uranus
combinations very likely represent a general tendency
to accident proneness.”

(Note: all celebrity images used in this presentation are for educational purposes only in accordance with Fair Use. Each image is carefully sourced and properly referenced at the end of the presentation).