Learning Astrology Part II

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Having recently finished teaching a brief introductory course to the basics of Western astrology, I had to ask myself if there was anything new that I had learned while engaged throughout that process. Was there any sort of revelatory insight or extreme vision? What about something poetic or even mind blowing? Was there anything at all that fit into a category that could otherwise be described as outrageous? Surprisingly, yes–but in a way that had completely caught me off guard. And it is so simple and so powerful. It is frequently dismissed off hand, tragically as yet another social “to-do” that one must indulge in from time to time in either an accepting or giving way.


Gratitude: both the giving and receiving of–that was the insight. If honestly performed then the potential for a real trust and the furthering of personal and collective goals can be within sight. It is an acknowledgment par excellence of the real beneficial work that has been done. It is a statement that one is now a better and clearer being for having had the connection. It is a signal that a major shift has occurred–in the right direction–and that both parties were heard in the intended way. There was mutual giving and receiving although this may not be readily seen. And there was listening, even though a word may or may not have been spoken.

One may say “Thank You” to someone else, but the receiving of the thanks from the other party can be just as profound as the effect of the good deed or word is on the one doing the thanking. To be truly grateful is to fully realize–as much as one possibly can–the totality of the effect of the goodness that has transpired between two individuals, groups, etc. Again, gratitude is mutual and yet too few comprehend this. When the world is genuinely more thankful for what it does have–then we will all have more as realization and acknowledgement are the hidden nuggets within. Frankly, we will have more of everything.

Astrologically, gratefulness and thankfulness could potentially be paired with any planet. The Sun could be grateful for seeing it’s light reflected back as a sign of acknowledgement and understanding thus seeing the effect of the goodness that it’s light brings. The Moon has gratitude toward the Sun for the quality and clarity of light that she can now reflect from her sphere. Mercury is grateful to the Sun for giving it it’s warmth in the otherwise cold vacuum of space. Venus is thankful for the light of the Sun as she can more fully exhibit her beauty with the intensity of the Sun’s rays. With the help of the Sun, the Earth is a bright, shining jewel–a rarity like no other. For Mars, he is thankful to the Sun for the energy, purpose and will that it needs to perform it’s duties. Jupiter generates more light and heat than it reflects from the Sun and yet he is grateful for the companionship and understanding that the Sun provides. And finally Saturn teaches and realizes that the mutuality of gratefulness simply makes good sense which is part and parcel of a common sense for the greater good.

You may be asking yourself by now, “What does any of this have to do with learning astrology?” My answer today is–and this may be infuriating to some of you–“What does gratitude NOT have to do with learning astrology?!” Or learning anything for that matter–because without it–Gratitude–we are basically in a communication deadlock or a negative downward spiral or perhaps even in a never ending inescapable maze of doubt, worry, fear and greed.  And the funny thing is that we don’t even have to know what we are grateful for in order to give and receive the benefits that will eventually transpire. The more gratitude, the more learning, the more open doors and more possibilities. With gratitude one can take the next step or leap forward.

So with that, I will say Thank You once again to my most recent class of students–Thank You to all of my past students–Thank you to all of my future students–and Thank You to all of my teachers, which are many, both astrologers and others alike. And I must remember the art and science of Astrology itself as it is a powerful teacher in its’ own right–Thank you! I sincerely look forward to the next series of presentations and classes and whatever wonderful surprises that await. Thadd