July 2014 Forecasting

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Thanks to everyone who is reading this page–readers, fans, students and of course my clients. New in-depth articles are on the way and are in the works. This has been a super duper hectic past month so far and I think that it won’t really settle down at least for a few months.

Below are just some of the notes and ideas that I came up with for July 2014 as well as the Mercury retrograde cycle. I think that we’re all in for one heck of a month. There’s some good  and bad as most months usually are. However, maybe July will be one month that we will not soon forget. I gave the two July prediction night presentations on June 27th and the 28th and Earth School in Fort Worth, TX and Crystal Source in Hurst, TX respectively and it looks like I will be doing two back to back for Aug on July 31st (Crystal Source) and Aug 1st (Earth School). As always, thank you to you all for reading and I hope that you will comment with any questions, comments or concerns. Thadd:::SignsInLife

Mercury Retrograde June-July 2014

  • Mercury retrograde—step by step—This is important!
    Mercury stationed retrograde Saturday, June 7th which means that Mercury stopped in the sky and started a backwards retreat through the sign of Cancer (3Cancer09). (old stuff from the past coming to the surface with a vengeance). (birthdays connected with this event: June 24-26).
    Mercury conjoined the Sun on the afternoon of Thursday June 19th, at 28Gemini34(We should have noticed a subtle shift for the better in our communications, more enlightenment!). (birthdays connected with this event: June 19-21).
  • Mercury stations direct on Wednesday (Mercury’s day of the week), July 2nd in the morning at 24Gemini25 (in it’s own sign) in which it begins normal direct motion through the sky. (Communications are starting to look more and more normal, perhaps slower than usual). (birthdays connected with this event: June 15-17).
    Mercury emerges through the shadow period on the night of July 15th (section of the sky when it was most recently retrograde). This will signal the return to normal communications although all may not be 100% clear until Mercury enters Leo on the evening of July 31st/ morning of Aug 1st. We’re not fully out of the Mercury Retograde woods until this time!

Things to think about for July 2014

  • What do we value as a nation through the lens of our homes, beliefs, family, money and resources? (Sun and Moon in Cancer in the 2nd house). Is this sense aided or changed by a higher inspiration? (Neptune trine Sun/Moon).
    Do we talk the talk and/or walk the walk? How do we value the ability to be able to do either one or the other or both or neither? (Mercury and Venus in Gemini).
    As the revolutionary/inventive impulse is opposed by forces of violence and aggression along with the attempt to control and manipulate, how will we respond? (Mars opposite Uranus, Saturn quincunx Uranus (watch July 19th through 22nd, perhaps the Sun/Jupiter conjunction will lessen or eliminate this effect from Saturn/Uranus.) and Uranus square Pluto ).
  • The Sun opposes Pluto on the 4th and squares Uranus on the 8th. July 4th and 5th, rat (horse) and ox (goat) clash respectively.
    –Nodal trigger effective through July 10th, after effect of previous April Lunar Eclipse at 25 Libra
    My recommendation is for those who are born on the 4th (really the 3rd, 4th or 5th) to keep cool and avoid getting dragged into power struggles with others, although this may be inevitable as Pluto is a force to be reckoned with.
    The two above aspects are dynamic and inherently explosive in nature—keep your cool during these times.

A Tense Full Moon on July 12th, 2014

  • The Full Moon is near Pluto and square to Mars and Uranus, so please take your usual Full Moon precautions a little more seriously if are already doing so.
    What does this mean? It simply means “intensity.” People tend to be on pins and needles during the Full Moon in general—Mars, Uranus and Pluto are not helping!
    Mercury enters Cancer on the same day—this may give a bit of sense to those prone to overreaction. Venus is trine to Mars—we will see if she can cool Mars down a bit with a beneficial aspect.


July Signs Changes…That’s 4 planets–5 times

  • Mercury  moves (ingress) into Cancer on the 12th.
    Venus moves into Cancer on the on the 18th.
    The Sun moves into Leo on the 22nd (and conjoins Jupiter on the 24th. This is the beginning of another major cycle. I’m wondering about Gold prices…
    Mars moves into Scorpio on the 25th. (and squares the Leo New Moon on the 26th…)
    and to top it all off Mercury moves into Leo on the night of 31st.
    There is a ton of astrological activity in July so keep your hats on.

Some Forecasting Ideas for July 2014

  • Bad, misleading and/or poorly worded communications are likely to persist through July.
    Sentiment is OK, however pocketbooks are still tight. Sentiment will improve after the Full Moon on the 12th.
    July is basically stable with less frustration save the last week (28th through the 31st.)
    The very best time in the month is the July 20th through the 25th when the Sun/Jupiter conjunction is within orb but to be more specific look to the 21st through the 24th. And the 31st.)