Horary Astrology — What The Client Needs to Know

Horary astrology (horary means by the hour) is a particular branch of astrology, that deals with the rules by which an astrologer may simply answer the question that is proposed to him or her by the client (a.k.a. querent or questioner) or their agent, by casting an astrology chart either for the moment that the astrologer understands the question or for the moment that the question is clarified after consultation and/or negotiation with the client/agent. In addition, horary astrology is seen by many as divination, or a form of divination, using astrology to connect with a higher spiritual power in order to attain knowledge and information that may not otherwise be attainable. You may be thinking that I’ve copied this definition from somewhere but I haven’t–this is just what I have remembered off the top of my head as I am inspired to write today. If any of this sounds exciting and new to you then you are in good company as many astrologers and their clients have never studied or even heard of the subject. To me, a working knowledge of horary astrology is essential for the functioning of the astrologer on behalf of the client in a holistic fashion, providing that the client has a horary astrology question to ask, of course.


In addition to the simplicity of the proposition of horary astrology, (just ask the astrologer a sincere question that you want an answer and/or answers to) horary astrology does not require that you provide much information to the astrologer, or even your birth details, as the astrologer is working through the divine to receive the answer to the question that you desire. It needs to be emphasized, though, that the question be sincere and that the client must urgently need an answer to it. “Off the wall” questions, questions about the general mysteries of life (Why is the sky blue?) and questions that are known to be ridiculous by the client will invariably receive incomprehensible and conflicting answers from the astrologer. Usually the astrologer will refuse to entertain such nonsensical questions to begin with, however, there are some astrologers that may and then demand payment for the answer. Good and valid questions are questions like: “Will I get the job?, Will it benefit my family if we relocate out of the country to South America? and What is the result if I buy this particular car?” The more specific the question the better the results as with the idea of the urgency and importance of the question. Questions of should I or should I not do this or that are generally poor questions and must be rephrased into questions like, “will it benefit me financially if…” The universe does not place judgment on our personal preferences born out of free will exploration. Also, keep questions regarding timeframes and/or “when will I” to within a year, as this will ensure a greater likelihood that a window of time can be provided. It is up to us to take charge of the situation and formulate an appropriate, specific and urgent question–and the good horary astrologer will assist you in this effort.

A horary question could be a more practical alternative to a reading, as the financial strain of paying for a reading could be an issue for the client, living in the financial times that we all are currently embroiled in. Horary questions are also good for describing people, things and upcoming events and outcomes that may rival the accuracy of what can be had working with conventional methods, especially in questions and situations where there are more than a few people involved as it is highly impractical for the client to provide accurate birth details for all of the parties, both from an information gathering perspective as well as a financial perspective as an accurate analysis of the question becomes less and less clear as more information is provided to the astrologer in certain situations. With a horary chart, we are simply looking at one chart and the beauty of that is in the simplicity of what is provided and the astrologer is avoiding the suffering of information overload. It just depends on the needs of the client and how much the client and astrologer are willing to put into the effort of getting the answers or even negotiating the question to begin with as the question must produce a radical chart, i.e. a valid chart to work with. Also, good horary astrologers tend to be good at most other astrological tasks and analysis as the successful practice of horary astrology is far beyond the beginner level and deep into advanced territory.

There are many methodologies and approaches to horary astrology and as horary astrology is dealing with a particular level of the reality that we live in, it only stands to reason that the rules and approaches are different as well. The approach that the astrologer must take must be informed by the rules of horary astrology which is, most of the time, essentially looking at the situation or question from the perspective of “if people and things stay the same and nothing changes and there is no intervention, then this is the outcome.” Many times, the outcome can be altered when the free will intervention of the parties involved start to make different choices. The very fact that we have dared to ask the question is testament to the fact that a more positive and desirable outcome is possible. The ancient divinatory art of horary astrology can show us what is at the end of the path that we are headed down.

Special thanks to J. Lee Lehman PhD. for an outstanding Spring 2010 Horary astrology intensive at the Margaret Austin Center in Chappell Hill, TX

Thank you for reading and many blessings