Five Element Theory Presentation and Webinar Video

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It’s been another rough few months for astrology writing and I’m sure that there are at least a few out there who are wondering if I will ever be able to continue on the path and pace that I’ve been on previously. But things just haven’t really settled down enough on the domestic front enough make enough room for any kind of in-depth extensive writing. Alas, there is a remedy for this in the form of shorter articles.

The Snake

The Snake

I’ve been selected to do some short pieces on celebrities so we will see how things go, but I’m hopeful. Why? There’s deadlines.  And deadlines mean that I have to produce! So we will see. I feel that it is a good move, plus it keeps me engaged, sharpening my astrological skills more often than usual. More details soon.

Here’s a video of the Five Element webinar that I presented on the Five Elements in December of last year. 2012-12-08 Thadd Fenner-Chinese 5 Elements

Also, here’s a copy of the Five Element presentation in pdf format below. If you decide to use the following presentation for any reason other than self study (i.e., presenting to others in some form), please reference and link back to this page or site. Feel free to share AND give credit where credit is due. Thanks for taking a look and keeping up with the site.  Five Element Theory Handouts

And thanks again to Kepler College’s Enid Newberg for graciously hosting me for the webinar.  Thadd:::SignsInLife