Eclipses of July/August 2018

The eclipse patterns of July and August 2018 take us back to a comparable chaos of 2011, where we had a similar situation with a total lunar eclipse bracketed by two partial solar eclipses. And the pattern is this: solar eclipse, lunar eclipse followed by another solar eclipse. And these patterns are more rare throughout history. What I had worked out with regard to these eclipses a few months ago is now lost and the mood to write about the preliminary research is nearly over, but I figured that I would get something out there on this so it might be a little less of an article than usual. Be sure to take advantage of resting, taking it easy and relaxing as much as possible as we are in eclipse season and really this goes for everyone. If the eclipse falls on your birthday or on your natal Moon, ascendant or midheaven/MC, then you should take extra special care throughout the year. The same would go for your solar arc, secondary progressed and solar return charts as well. Typically, though, if something interesting was the happen in your chart then you will see more than an eclipse show up as a single contributing factor to the event or situation in your life. At the same time, eclipses do tend to power their way through even the most bored and laid back periods of our lives.

Moving along…if you are a Cancer or Capricorn, Leo or Aquarius and/or have other personal planets in those signs, including the Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars and the ascendant and midheaven (MC), then you should be looking out for the crisis in your life around this month, as well as in April/May of 2019, when the nodal axis transits the partial solar eclipse of July 12th, 2018 at 20 degrees Cancer. This degree is also the current degree of transiting Pluto in Capricorn (the eclipse opposes Pluto) as well as very near the Saturn Pluto conjunction point in January 2020 (and Pluto’s planetary north node!). So I don’t think that we will be seeing the effects of this eclipse disappearing anytime soon. It should be having profound effects far into the future, more from a worldly sense, even though it is a partial eclipse and much less powerful than a total or annular solar eclipse.

As for the eclipse of August 11th, 2018 at 18 Leo, the nodal trigger time for this eclipse happened last year around the end of November, beginning of December 2017 (If this eclipse is impacting your chart somewhere significantly, think back to that time last year and see if there is a clue, as this eclipse may give you a resolution point to that event). I’m giving you an approximate time because of the variation in the mean and true lunar node positions. Perhaps sometime later I can get into the debate on that. As for the total lunar eclipse on July 27th, at 4 Aquarius, the nodal trigger date for that eclipse is in late August, early September 2018. These total lunar eclipses really represent an emotional crisis and they happen to everyone as everyone has a birth chart and these eclipses fall somewhere in your chart. And the aspects are very important as well, but just as a general rule, if you were born around the beginning of Aquarius (tropical zodiac) and you know that this eclipse is early in the degrees (4 degrees out of a possible 0 to 29) then you should be taking care of yourself around that time. Same advice goes for the solar eclipses especially, but the lunar eclipses tend to be more emotional in nature.