Coming Back to Center: An Astrological Expedition for the Mind

Greetings Everyone,

An astrologer friend, Christy Hall, is hosting a 2.5 hour astrology lecture, “Coming Back to Center: An Astrological Expedition for the Mind,” on Friday October 6th and Saturday October 14th, 2017. Both of these will be held in Lancaster, TX. You don’t have to be an astrologer or have any knowledge of astrology to attend and benefit from this. Details below:

Title: Coming Back to Center An Astrological Expedition for the Mind

Speaker: Christy Hall

Two different dates (identical content each date) · Friday October 6th, 6-8:30 · Saturday, October 14th, 5-7:30

Description: We begin with the circle and the mandala and why it is the ideal symbolic form, then move into why time goes so much faster as we age. Is there any significance to this perceived time difference? Are you aware that time is cyclic and life moves in spirals? Witness the planets chase after the Sun. We are all told we are unique, yet most of us don’t know in what ways we are truly unique. For instance, did you know that we each have a completely different rhythmic heartbeat? I apply astrology, mythology, science, alchemy, numerology, psychology and sacred geometry principles and link the subjects together to share interesting facts in a common sense approach. Come have dinner, conversation and fun asking as many questions as you like. This is an expedition of the mind which can help you comprehend astrology better or you can simply sit back and enjoy.

Cost: $20 ($10 optional dinner)

Bio: A practicing astrologer since 2009, Christy Hall was a founding member of Astrological Society of Austin and is currently serving on the board of Astrological Society of North Texas. With a diploma from Glenn Perry’s AstroΔPsychology Program and Level 1 NCGR certification, she consults with clients and teaches classes on Manifesting Venus, Lunar Phases, and other astrological topics. She has lectured on Hero Myths, Venus, Cyclic Nature of Time, Lunar phases and more. She also serves on the board of AFAN, the Association For Astrological Networking, a global non-profit dedicated to enhancing the role astrology has in today’s society.!/2017/09/28/coming-back-to-center-talks-october-6th-and-14th/