Chinese Four Pillars-Reader Q&A II

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Seijuro writes in with a Chinese Four Pillars question:

Hi there :) I was wondering if you could possibly interpret my chart for me? My birth data is: March 2nd 1988 6:20PM, San Francisco, CA, USA. I want to find out the significance of being born during the year of the dragon and on a supposed dragon, “day,” as well. Thanks in advance.

Luckily, I have the time to take a look at his chart and things are not too busy. Here is Seijuro’s Chinese Four Pillar’s chart below


Seijuro, you do have two dragons in the two most significant pillars as far as “animal personality” is concerned, which are the year and day pillars, respectively. This means that all or most of the generic descriptions of the Dragon will apply to you, brash, outgoing, a fighter. One important thing that you will have to remember is that the Self Element or Day Master is Yang Fire. There is some Wood in both of the Dragons and literally a ton of wood in the month pillar for your Yang Fire Daymaster to feed from. Perhaps you are well taken care of or have one of the best mothers in the world as a result of this. The Earth on the stem of the Earth Dragon is rooted there as well as the Wood with the Tiger. Because of this, you could possibly see yourself as a kind of multi-tasker, bridging the the gaps between people, places, things and ideas. (Wood produces Fire and Fire produces Earth).

I have to wonder what 2006 was like for you–the year of the Dog and especially later on in that year. It would have clashed with both Dragons and sought to combine with the Tiger forming more fire thus disrupting the balance. Perhaps your resources were literally “burned up” that year. But to get back to your initial question about the significance of being born on a Dragon day and in a Dragon year, it is simply a double influence of Dragon on your personality. You can go back to the Chinese Animal Signs article and read some about the Dragon there. Also, you do have a Rooster in the hour pillar and it will seek to combine with the Dragons and form Metal. Metal would be disruptive to your system as far as I can tell. You could probably go back and see what this is like especially when the Tiger is clashed by the Monkey–in the Monkey years, months and days. If you have children, then this could also mean that they are the “apple of your eye” or at least of that of your spouse. The Dragon and the Rooster are “best friends,” and yes, the Dragon is supposed to be the luckiest animal sign to be born under, so being literally born under two should bear that out in your life. Let me know what you think and thanks for writing, Thadd:::SignsInLife