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There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio, Than are dreamt of in your philosophy.

–William Shakespeare, “Hamlet,” Act 1, Scene 5


Welcome to the Astro Links page!

I link to those people and places that I generally agree with and disagree with. Different perspectives make for lively conversations and learning opportunities. Astrology is such a vast area of study that no one can ever really learn it all (a special thank you to Jennifer Hoffman for reminding me of this). There are many great online astrology resources out there, so if you find a site that should be included in this list then please let me know…and continue reading.

Attention Webmasters–It will be necessary for any particular site to backlink to if the request for the link is solicited by the webmaster, site owner, writer for the site, etc. If I find the site on my own accord–and want to link to it, then I will without requiring a backlink–that is my choice and this is my site, after all I’m the one paying for it!

However, please be prepared that I may be unable to link to the site requested at all, depending on the quality of free astrology or metaphysical related content. This is, of course, all at my discretion. This is only fair to the astrology community and to the reader. I will refrain from linking to profit-only driven astrology sites with high amounts of advertisements, many of which are just selling generic and/or false astrology reports and predictions.

The links posted here are in no particular order. Enjoy!

Updated December 2021



Astrology Resources

SignsInLife Twitter page! Page–SignsInLife Astrology DFW!

SignsInlife Facebook Page!

Vibrational Astrology Conference 2021: This is the 3rd annual VA conference and I will be presenting my research findings on the VA accident proneness model. Online only, so you don’t have to travel for this one. From the schedule:

“Ongoing research into the planetary configurations formed between transiting planets and natal planets when a person is involved in an accident is improving our understanding of what kinds of planetary configurations are involved in different kinds of accidents. By analyzing accident data that is not cherry picked and by building upon earlier findings the Vibrational Astrology model for predicting accidents continues to improve. In this lecture we learn about the most refined and accurate Accident Predicting Model which includes the latest research studies. Thaddeus has been researching accidents for several years and the results of his research have greatly refined and improved our ability to predict when people are likely to get into an accident.”

Vibrational Astrology Conference 2020: The 2nd annual Vibrational Astrology Conference is set for March 27 – 29, 2020 in Gainesville, FL. The first VA conference in April 2019 was fantastic. It was a good mix between the number of attendees vs. the hotel space, so if you feel overwhelmed at the larger conferences, something like this might make more sense for you. The popularity of VA is growing, however, so if you want to get to know many of the best and brightest astrologers in one of the most progressive evidence based astrology systems today and have plenty of time and opportunity to get to know them face to face, then you can’t go wrong with the upcoming 2020 VA conference.

Cosmic Patterns Software: Superb Astrology Software by David Cochrane. You will love Sirius 3.0 which is “the most comprehensive astrology software in the world.” There are many other astrology software options to fit whatever your budget is, though. At this point, I am almost exclusively working with Sirius. A special thanks to David and Fei for all of their hard work and dedication over the years in building and maintaining their astrology business.

Relocation Astrology: a blog about relocation astrology — When you move your life themes change by David Muir. David was a fellow Avalon PAC 2020 graduate. From the site:

“David Muir recieved his PAC as a 2020 graduate of the Avalon School in Vibrational Astrology. He has been a practicing astrologer having studied astrology since 1997. He specializes in relocation astrology, particularly in terms of how both one’s character and external influences change in a new location. He has interests in compatibility, and just generally “getting the necessary information out there for you,” which can entail personology as well as different interpretations in general. David writes a 2x/weekly blog in both relocation astrology and other astrological topics of interest, on David received a BA from Carlow University in 2011 with concentrations in philosophy, writing, and political science. He does a 2x/month radio show ( and has lived in Denver, CO since 2016.”

See David’s page for insightful thoughts and observations on relocation astrology among other astrology related topics. (R.I.P. David McWade. Thank you for your sincere friendship and many conversations). David passed away from complications of open heart surgery around May 15th, 2021 in Denver, Colorado.

Four Pillars Calculator–You will get your Four Pillars chart as well as your luck cycle. This one is based on the Lunar Calendar. You will need to enter your True Local Time of Birth, a.k.a Local Apparent Time or Sundial Time in order to get the correct hour pillar. If you were born close to midnight, then the day pillar could be an issue as well if you are not using the LAT as mentioned above. Thanks to  Beryl Consulting for making this available! There is much more to do on this site as well, so check them out.

Elements of Style with Feng Shui (YouTube link) by Kelly Joy Freeman. Kelly is a Certified Feng Shui Professional and understands how businesses and homes thrive under the right energetic principles, based on Feng Shui. I have included her link here because Feng Shui has everything to do with the right steps that people can take with regard to adverse astrological influences. In the East, and especially in China, this is well known and understood. The same is true for Indian culture (for Hindu/Vedic astrology or “jyotish,” the Feng Shui equivalent there is known as Vastu Shastra or “science of construction.”). Read my comments below about the International Feng Shui Association under Astrology Organizations. Seek Kelly out for excellent Feng Shui advice for your home or business!

Earth School: [Update: as of Nov 2014: Earth School is currently in a transition mode from the previous facility. We are told that it will reopen soon in the DFW area] Education Facility, Meditation Center & Spiritual Holistic Retail Store in Ft. Worth, TX owned by Castle Hill. I really enjoy the concept of the Earth School and I think that you will too. Classes of all types throughout most of the day as well as Meditations, Yoga instruction, Qi Gong, Reiki, Unexplained Phenomena (Philoso Phenomena with Daniel J.), Movie nights plus more classes and meetups are being added all of the time. Check out the Earth School Store as well as Earth School Publications and tell Castle that I sent you!

BaZi Calculator by Voytek: A traditional four pillars view–you can also compare charts side by side. If you know your True Local Time of birth (Sun Dial Time) then you can plug that time into the calculator and get your actual hour pillar and an accurate day pillar, which will give you your day stem or self element (daymaster). The months and years in this calculator are based on the Chinese Solar months. I use the Lunar calendar for personal charts, so there will many times be a difference. You can also see the luck cycle, which may or may not be accurate for you. Again, this will depend on the calendar that you are using for the Bazi or Four Pillars analysis that you are working with. Contact me through the Contact page and I may be able to give you your Four Pillars chart in the Lunar calendar as a complimentary gift. Ask me for details.

Cycles Research Investments, LLC–from the site, “CR is a service that has been built around ideas that have been developed by Bill Sarubbi since 1966. Bill obtained his BS and MBA degrees from New York University and has worked in research and investments since 1972. He has been associated with the Value Line Investment Survey and Paine Webber in New York. In 1990, he left the USA and joined Abu Dhabi Investment Authority where he was a fund manager and strategist for 14 years. He has computerized many of his techniques and currently offers his service from Vienna, Austria. Over the years, he has combined fundamental, technical, quantitative and cyclical analysis into a strategy into a service: Cycles Research. Cycles Research LLC is registered with the SEC as an investment advisor.” There’s a handful of useful reports, articles, interviews and videos. Bill provides serious investment research services. He is the author of the outstanding research work, The Predictive Power of Eclipse Paths.

Anthony S. Picco is the astrologer and host of the CosmicTuesdays radio show on Spreaker every Monday night from 9:30pm to 11:00pm EST. And yes, that’s correct, every Monday night! As one of the more well studied and and insightful radio interviewers on the Web, Anthony not only covers astrology with his guests, but dives into the topics that we all want to learn more about such as reincarnation, energy healing, psychics, mediums and the deeper questions in life. And he is certainly holding his own when it comes to his interview style and poignant questions. Be sure to listen to the show and catch up with the CosmicTuesdays archives–you will be glad that you did!

Bill Herbst is an astrologer of over 40 years with many excellent articles and essays to his credit. He is also the author of Houses of the Horoscope. You can also book a session with Bill. For the aspiring professional astrologer, be sure to read essay #11 from Essays From Beyond the Stars as well as Astrology as a Profession Part 2 in the October/November 2017 issue of The Mountain Astrologer.

The Astrology Center of America–Astrology Books and more. An outstanding astrology and tarot book store owned and operated by astrologer David Roell. He will help you find what you are looking for. His newsletters are great as well and are a great free resource of astrological wisdom. I refrain from endorsing any or all of Dave’s views on the astrology books that he sells–be warned as you may find his reviews extremely amusing, cynical and/or controversial. (I recently learned of Dave’s passing on July 27, 2014–he will truly be missed. Here is the link to his Obituary and Guestbook and a few passing thoughts from astrologer Eric Francis). Many thanks to you Dave, you will be missed and you were truly a great Friend in Astrology!

Sabian Assembly–With Continuous Activity since October 17th, 1923. “In search for competent rather than easy answers to the problems of life.” This is the group founded by Dr. Marc Edmund Jones. If you’ve been around the astrology world for a while, you’ve probably read or at least are aware of any number of his books, one important book titled,  “The Sabian Symbols in Astrology.” Briefly, there is a symbol for each of the 360 degrees of the tropical zodiac. Find you natal Sun, Moon and Ascendant, etc–you may be surprised at what the symbols have to say to you. The symbols are about deeper meaning and you can use them with just about all of your astrology work. Also see Diana E. Roche’s “The Sabian Symbols: A Screen of Prophecy” for further useful information on how to use the symbols. As an added bonus, you get to see the original hand-pencilled notes of Dr. Jones.

Morinus. Morinus focuses primarily on traditional Western astrology techniques. Here we have correct calculations of Primary Directions.

Planet Watcher – Current Transiting Positions in Astrology Regrettably, I had to remove the planetwatcher tool from the sidebar of the site because of some compatibility issues with WordPress and the various browsers out there today, however, that’s OK because here is the link! You can see current as well as upcoming transits by simply looking on the left hand side of the page. You can click through by the hour, day, month and year both forwards and backwards through time. This is incredibly useful if you don’t own astrology software or ephemerides.

Linda Goodman Lively forums here including astrology and other metaphysical topics in the memory of Linda Goodman. Have you ever had the sense that the author of a book was speaking directly to you? Her books are what really started the astrology fire in me and so I must thank her for that. Must reads are Linda Goodman’s Sun Signs, Love Signs and Star Signs.

White Dragon Consulting. This is the site for Jerry King, whom I rely most heavily on for information and techniques regarding the Chinese Four Pillars of Destiny. His books are the most comprehensive on the topic of the Four Pillars written today, in English. Here is Jerry King’s Amazon Author Page. His titles include the recently released Four Pillars of Destiny: Unlocking the Mysteries of Life Vol. III and Four Pillars of Destiny: The Ten Gods Handbook Vol. IV. Simply put, his books are a must if you are studying the Chinese Four Pillars or Ba Zi. With any luck, we will soon have the pleasure of hosting Jerry for an Advanced Four Pillars of Destiny Workshop in the near future in the Dallas area. Be sure to contact this site to express you interest in a Four Pillars workshop! (updated 12/25/13).

Classical BaZi and Contemporary ZWDS From the Introduction: “I’m a farmer, not a master, and if you call me master Trey, I will hit you with my spade, well, just kidding.
I started this blog with the intention of sharing classical BaZi knowledge to non Chinese literate enthusiasts. Translating classical Chinese to English is quite challenging to me as I did not study Chinese (mandarin) in my schooling days. I learn the language from reading comic books and singing karaoke and I managed to pick it up with the help of my friends, family and dictionaries. Classical Chinese is a very difficult language and combined with the cryptic texts of the old books, interpretation becomes very difficult. So please forgive me if you find the translations erroneous or the interpretation incorrect.” 

I have not spent much time here as of this writing (Feb/2014) but the site seems to have a lot to offer. Can’t wait to spend some more time here, though, so far so good!

Malvin Artley–Astrology Bridging East and West – Artley is the author of The Imperial Astrologer among several other books and articles. If you own Solar Fire, you can use The Imperial Astrologer within Solar Fire. Take a look at his site; you will find various articles on both the Eastern and Western traditions.

Diana Garland Astrology – Horoscopes – Articles – News – Community. I was asked to link to this site and am glad to do it. There’s an online ephemeris under the “Tools” tab at the top. Diana also does a video along with monthly horoscopes which is a nice touch. There are those kinds of astrologer’s who can “squeeze blood from a turnip,” as the old saying goes, and I would consider good Sun Sign astrologer’s to be of this type. I think that there’s certainly a grain of truth when it comes to Sun Signs, more especially so when combined with the Chinese animal year (Suzanne White’s idea). Browse over the the articles and links here as well, there is something for everyone.

Ambient Astrology by Kate Petty. From the site description: “Monthly list of planetary antiscia and astrology articles. Available for personal consultation, tutoring and mentorship, lectures, workshops, and design services.” Kate uses a variety of techniques and methods in her astrological analysis. Be sure to read Kate’s antiscia description as well as her articles. Interesting stuff. As it turns out, we both gave a lecture at UAC in 2012 on the same day.

The Uranian Astrology Institute by Blake Finley (presumably). I stumbled upon this site looking for a basic definition for “planetary pictures” from the understanding of the original teachings of Alfred Witte of the Hamburg School. What I found was a lot more: many interesting and info packed articles about the methods attributed to Uranian astrology and the Hamburg School with articles and lessons by Ruth Brummund as well. This site also offers The Aureas Special Uranian Program. If you are looking for general information and/or more in-depth views on Uranian Astrology and much more, then you have come to the right place. Take your time here, as this site is quite extensive.

Penelope Publications’ Uranian Astrologer: Books & Tools for Beginning & Advanced Astrologers. This is where I purchased my copy of Alfred Witte’s Rules for Planetary Pictures: The Astrology of Tomorrow as well as a few dials to work with as part of a series of private Uranian astrology class here in the DFW area. You will find Uranian and Cosmobiology books, lessons, dials and more on this site. (A very kind and generous Harmburg school trained astrologer is teaching the class. Contact me about this should you be interested in future classes).

Hamburg Astrology School according to Mark B. Anstendig. Anstendig recalls his personal conversations with Reinhold Ebertin regarding Ebertin’s eventual return to Hamburg School methods. He discusses the use of Hamburg School Houses, rectification and more. A basic black and white text site, however, Anstendig’s personal accounts may be of interest if you are investigating Uranian astrology methods.

An Interpretation of the Major and Lesser Dignities In Traditional Astrology by Andrew Bevan – I found this good article on the essential dignities while looking online for information about he participating triplicities (Dorothean participating triplicity rulers). Here is the Skyscript thread introducing the topic on participating triplicities. Lee Lehman makes a comment in the thread as well and is very much worth reading on the 2nd page. Part of her comment consisted of the idea that we have to be careful when using the same astrological techniques on natal interpretation, horary and electional work.

Robert P. Blaschke–Earthwalk School of Astrology Robert passed away (1/18/2011). This is one of the most impactful astrologers whose books I have ever had the pleasure of reading. The late Blaschke lays down a foundational and interpretive framework that you can follow through his Astrology: A Language of Life series. He discovered the 1:13:27 Mystic Time Ratio or theory of time progression cycles (1, secondary progressions (physical plane), 13, tertiary progressions(emotional plane) and 27, minor progressions (mental plane). According to Blaschke, you can take your Minor Progressed Moon and examine the degree that it is in everyday (since it moves 1 degree each day) and then equate that to the appropriate Sabian Symbol as a meditation point. His books are dense and yet readable, highly recommended for your astrology studies.

The AstroHerbalist-Lisa Allen, MH Astrology, Herbalism, Classes, Flower Essences, Energy Healing and more. Lisa has many more astrology links on the right of the home page. Just click around. Thanks, Lisa, for having your site as an astrology resource on the Web!

Bruce Scofield and Barry C. Orr–One Reed Publications Bruce Scofield Ph.D. is the author of Astrological Chart Calculations: An Outline of Conventions and Methodology, The Circuitry of the Self: Astrology and the Developmental Model and co-author of another favorite of mine, How to Practice Mayan Astrology: The Tzolkin Calendar and Your Life Path. Should you be interested in getting certified in Western astrology, I highly recommend that you obtain a copy of Astrological Chart Calculations as mentioned above. This book was extremely helpful to me in getting through the NCGR-PAA Level I exam. Bruce did mention recently (June, 2013) that a new edition of Astrological Chart Calculations was on its way soon.

Ronnie Gale Dreyer is an accomplished astrologer, teacher and translator. She practices both Western and Vedic astrology. She is the author of Vedic Astrology: A Guide to the Fundamentals of Jyotish, among many other titles. Sign up for her newsletter or periodic astrology webinars.

The Uranian Society. The Uranian Society became the first Special Interest Group (SIG) of NCGR in May of 1985. Past audio recordings of lectures, newsletters and articles are available here. Take a look at the “Midpoint Corner.”

Planet Pulse Daily Horoscope Videos with Jeff Jawer and Rick Levine. We were lucky enough to have Jeff for our 2011 ASNT annual weekend workshop. Jeff is a prolific “explainer” of astrology. Rick created one of the few DVD’s that I am aware of on astrology, Quantum Astrology: Science, Spirit and Our Place in the Cycles of History. This DVD is a must watch for any serious astrology student. You can find one of Jeff’s astrology columns in The Mountain Astrologer as well.

Treehouse Mountain: Astrology of the Asteroids by Martha Lang-Wescott. At the top of the page, you can click on “Predictive” or “Index” and read from there. Martha uses Uranian methods with many asteroids. I once wrote to her asking for her advice and her answer was to simply “learn how to use the dials.” So, I am doing that now, along side several other projects. I have two of her outstanding books as well. The artwork is is beautiful, too. To me, these types of systems will either grab you or push you away. I think that you have to be ready for them, in a sense.

Harish Johari’s Sanatan Society. The late Johari is the author of one of the most useful astrology/numerology books that I have ever read: Numerology: With Tantra, Ayurveda and Astrology: A Key to Human Behavior. I cannot understate the usefulness of this book, it is a must have on your shelf. Why? It’s sheer accuracy. You could even use numerology to help you to rectify an astrology chart. For example, if you know that someone was born in the early morning before sunrise but are absolutely stumped on the time, read the psychic number for the day of birth as well as the day before. If the person resonates primarily with the day before, there is a high likelihood that the person was born at least two hours before sunrise on that date. In other words, there is a cutoff for the influence of the psychic number of the previous date. For example, let’s say we have someone who was born at 1am standard time for any given time zone on January 6th of any year. They would still fall under the psychic influence of the number 5 ruled by Mercury and would be a “psychic 5.” Someone else born on that same date but within two hours of sunrise would be a psychic 6. You will have to check your astrology software or internet databases to get the sunrise time for the day in question.

Astro Dispatch, “Astrology Around the Web” by astrologer Elsa Panizzon. “…a constantly updating source of astrology-themed news and commentary.” This site is fun to browse through. It seems to be a site that networks together various astrology blogs (Tropical/Western). Mostly intermediate level stuff but good nonetheless. Elsa has her own blog as well and seems to write everyday about astrology–which is truly a daunting and admirable task.

Earth Signs article–Lost Earth? by Philip Sedgwick. Did you know that you can use the Earth itself in your chart? Sedgwick is the author that introduced me to Heliocentric astrology with the book, The Sun at the Center: A Primer on Heliocentric Astrology nearly 20 years ago. Of course, you can plug the Earth into your geocentric chart as well–it is the point exactly opposite your natal Sun.

Stephen Arroyo Here is the Amazon author page for Stephen Arroyo. He is the author of Astrology, Karma & Transformation: The Inner Dimensions of the Birth Chart, Stephen Arroyo’s Chart Interpretation Handbook: Guidelines for Understanding the Essentials of the Birth Chart and Exploring Jupiter: Astrological Key to Progress, Prosperity & Potential among others. Arroyo’s books are must have’s for the astrology student at any level. Surprisingly or not, I was unable to find a credible site for Arroyo.

Joanne Wickenburg is the author of Your Hidden Powers: Intercepted Signs and Retrograde Planets and The Spiral of Life: Unlocking Your Potential with Astrology. She hosted the ASNT Annual Weekend Workshop for 2010 and we were glad to have her as she has been a practicing astrologer for over 30 years and is a founder of Kepler College.

Kenneth D. Miller– I had the pleasure of attending a few STAR conferences with Kenneth who is an accomplished astrology scholar and counseling astrologer. Thanks, Kenneth for your few suggestions and insights throughout the years.

Dr. David Twicken’s site, Dr. Twicken is the author of Five Element Chinese Astrology Made Easy, Chinese Medical Astrology and Introduction to Qi Men Dun Jia, among others. I have found his Five Element book extremely useful for learning about the Four Pillars and am eager to read Chinese Medical Astrology. His Five Element book is the simplest introduction to the Four Pillars that I have found. Thank you Dr. Twicken.

Lily Chung is the author of the first comprehensive book in English (The Path To Good Fortune: The Meng, 1997) that explains The Four Pillars of Destiny (Ba Zi) in an adequate way. Here is the link to her latest title, The Truth of Ups and Downs: Cosmic Inequality. As Chung explains, this book is a revised version of introductory material to The Path To Good Fortune. I cannot recommend her work enough, although it is only for the very serious students of this method of ancient Chinese divination.

Alan Oken is the author of Alan Oken’s Complete Astrology: The Classic Guide to Modern Astrology and Soul Centered Astrology: A Key to Your Expanding Self among others. These are must have books for getting through esoteric astrology, which is a completely different system than the now “traditional” (actually modern or post-modern) astrology that we are currently aware of. He has a great way of explaining concepts and ideas in astrology that might otherwise go right over your head. You can subscribe to his free newsletters, read astrology articles and buy previous lectures. Alan writes a once a month column in Dell Horoscope which I highly recommend as well.

Cycles Research Institute–For the Interdisciplinary Study of Cycles. Much more than astrological cycles, some info on Gann, The Mars Effect, Lunar Saros and more.

J. Lee Lehman Lee is a great speaker and teacher and has a way of getting to the root of classical Western astrology that few others can. There are plenty of resources on her site. Her horary book, “The Martial Art of Horary Astrology,” is a must if you are at all interested in pursuing horary. One definition for horary is “by the hour,” meaning the moment of the question. Obtaining the correct time that the question is asked to the astrologer is critical to getting an accurate chart for the question–and is the first step in divining an accurate answer. I have hired Lee myself and can personally attest to her ability. Her horary workshop at STAR 2010 was outstanding as well, we all learned so much.

Stephanie Jean Clement is a former president of the American Federation of Astrologers and a past presenter to ASNT’s September 2012 weekend workshop. We were glad to have her here. You can read about her on her site. She is one of the few astrologers that I have met that can explain planet centered astrology and it’s implications. She is the author of Charting Your Spiritual Path with Astrology, Power of the Midheaven, Mapping your Birthchart, Aspect Patterns, and more. (Update: It is with sad regret to inform the readers of this site that Stephanie has passed–here is a link to more info on this.) Stephanie you will be missed and it was a pleasure meeting with you for the few times that we were able to have a conversation about astrology.

Church of Light, The Religion of the Stars founded by C. C. Zain. Zain was the first to pioneer Minor progressions (1 Lunar Month to 1 Year technique) among other techniques like Astrodynes. Here is another link to their e-books on astrology.

Donna Henson is the author of Degrees of the Zodiac Symbolized, Vertex: The Third Angle and The Vertex Report on the astrology software program Kepler by Cosmic Patterns. She is certified at the highest levels in astrology with the American Federation of Astrologers (AFA), The International Society for Astrological Research (ISAR) and The National Council for Astrological Research (NCGR). She is a founding member of The Astrological Society of North Texas (ASNT) and has been teaching and practicing astrology for over 40 years. She has taught me how to calculate an astrology chart by hand–and this is no easy task I assure you. Contact her for a consultation or astrology lessons at donnajeanhenson(at) or follow the link above. Find her previous astrology articles within past ASNT newsletters

Athena’s Web by Don Cerow. Don is well versed in the ancient stellar myths. Lots of archives. Don is one of the most knowledgeable, honorable and humble astrologers that I have met. Check him out, you won’t be disappointed. by Anne Beversdorf. There are some great articles here. Anne is an outstanding counseling astrologer who uses Western, Vedic and Uranian astrology. Highly recommended. Articles, podcasts, newsletters.

Robin Armstrong. Canadian astrologer and author of the 1997 essay, Degrees of the Zodiac and the I Ching from the highly recommended book Eastern Systems for Western Astrologers. This is one of the most inspiring books that I own. I really enjoyed reading the shorter essay format for the topics that are described in the book. In particular, Bill Watson’s essay on the Four Pillars of Destiny is truly a gem as he explains the who, what, why, where and how of this system. You will not be disappointed in the this book or any of the essays in it. As far as I am aware, Robin Armstrong pioneered the integration of the I Ching and Western astrology concepts. You can read about his writings on his site.

Merriman Market Analyst by Ray Merriman. Financial astrology, articles and news. Ray has been trading and doing astrology for many years. I recently attended a one day seminar with him and was blown away to say the least. We should be placing just as much emphasis on the understanding and timing of market cycles as we do on astrology. President of ISAR from 1995-2001.

Four Moons Astrology by Donna Woodwell. Donna is quite engaged in the online world of astrology and metaphysics. You will find her astrology blogs as well as  information about her classes, events and consultations on her site. Thanks, Donna for inviting me to speak on The Dead Astrologers Society radio show.

Pemo Theodore helped me to set up this WordPress site originally back in the fall of 2011–she has a solid background in astrology and astrology in the online world. Read more about her other projects in the Start Up World too. 

Joe’s Web Tools. Thanks, Joe, for developing the free WordPress astrology ephemeris widget.

Susan Miller’s Astrology Zone Susan is the author of Planets and Possibilities: Explore the World of the Zodiac Beyond Just Your Sign. She writes extensive Sun-sign predictions for the month as well as free monthly newsletters.

Bernadette Brady is “The Fixed Star Astrologer.” I own and use her Jig Saw 2 program as well as two of her books: Brady’s Book of Fixed Stars and Predictive Astrology: The Eagle and the Lark, which are all excellent. There are some presentations and many articles on her site as well, we should all take advantage of this great astrological information storehouse!

Constellations of Words: Star Lists and Articles. Go here to learn about the fixed stars in astrology; this is a comprehensive site.

Astrology News Service. Articles, opinions, interviews, editorials, etc. Well put together and informative. Send the skeptics here first!

The Magi Society. This is the official Magi Society website. You can download their free mini-book which is a shortened version of Magi Astrology: The Key to Success in Love and Money. I highly recommend their work and research. While astrology as a whole contains many methodologies, techniques, philosophies and applications, one thing is for sure: the aspects work! The results of The Magi Society’s work on aspects varies considerably in some areas when compared to contemporary and traditional astrological thought. Their work on aspects and planetary meanings (among other astrological topics) is based on solid research which can be found in the many examples throughout their articles and books.

Planet Waves Daily Astrology & Adventure by Eric Francis. This is a subscription site but you can get some astrology articles and commentary free to your email. I think that this site is one of the more well put together astrology sites out there. Eric does an astrology radio show as well and was conducting interviews with astrologers at UAC 2012 in New Orleans. Certainly worth a look.

Traditional Astrology Radio by Chris Brennan. There are some traditional astrology articles here and recordings of various interviews with Chris and Robert Zoller and Demetra George among others. Here is the Blog Talk Radio page for WTAR Traditional Astrology Radio. Chris was the last radio host for WTAR on Blog Talk Radio which ended in 2011, although all of the previous recordings are still there to listen to. Here, we have a goldmine of astrological information to listen to.

Considerations was an astrology quarterly published from 1983 through 2006 by Ken Gillman. Follow the link and you will see there an index of issues with author and article title information. I can hardly believe that this great resource is free but it is.

The Mountain Astrologer. Truly a great astrology magazine, I wish that I had been subscribing much earlier! The astrologers that run the magazine are outstanding people as well. I currently own almost every single issue thanks to an astrology enthusiast who was recently selling his collection. Thank you Tem and the The Mountain Astrologer staff, for an outstanding magazine. Digital subscriptions as well.

Serennu is a free online ephemeris and eclipse finder among other things. This site is a great way to find the position of the asteroids and centaurs as well as the planets both new and old. Very helpful especially if you don’t own professional astrology software.

Comtinuum is a site dedicated to the life and work of Jim Lewis, the creator of Astro*Carto*Graphy. Click on the link and you will find an amazing site with tons of information on the technique with links to articles. From the page, “CONTINUUM upholds the ideals to which Jim was committed. It is administered as a public service without charge and is available to anyone who wants information about A*C*G*.

Dell Horoscope–“The World’s Leading Astrology Magazine.” There are plenty of easily digestible articles for the layperson as well as the intermediate astrologer. The articles and features with Dell are geared toward the beginner in astrology, however there is usually something for everyone. Sun-sign prediction.

Horoscope Guide–“The Last Word in Astrology.” I usually get this magazine alongside Dell when I can at Barnes & Noble. I think that the quality of writing is certainly present and there is usually something for everyone as is with other astro-zines. Sun-sign prediction.

The Astro-Databank Wiki Project. From the site “The Astro-Databank wiki publishes the huge collection of astrological data collected by Lois Rodden and her cooperators, so that these data can be used for astrological research, for astrological publications and for serious astrological discussion.”

Astrodienst or Lots of info plus you can get a web based chart print out. Click on “charts & data” on the right.

The Astro Investigators. headed by Alphee Lavoie, he also owns and operates AIR Software for astrologers (financial, research, rectification). They are astrologers “dedicated to the scientific scrutiny long held astrological concepts. Our home base is West Hartford, CT, USA and we work with colleagues spread throughout the world.” This is also the site for AIR astrology and astrology research and investment software as well as an online interactive astrology school. Take a look at their research results.

ARHAT (The Archive for the Retrieval of Historical Astrological Texts). This is Robert Hand’s website. Be sure to visit Libraries & Resources; lots of info and documents on traditional astrology. A huge astrology site by Deborah Houlding. Lots to read here., Astrologer Hank Friedman’s website. Articles on astrology and astrology software reviews. You can buy your astrology software through Hank as well.

Gary Caton– Gary is an approachable guy who has an awesome site. Newsletters, Goddess Astrology Podcast, Articles and more. You can especially appreciate Gary’s description and new understanding and research of the four major asteroids: Ceres, Pallas-Athene, Vesta and Juno. Gary is also well versed in the various mysteries of Mercury and Venus retrograde. Check him out.

Nick Dagan Best a.k.a. “The Human Ephemeris.” I had the opportunity to meet Nick at the NCGR 2010 conference. What we saw there was a presentation on Mars retrograde and its effects throughout military history. His new book is titled, “URANU.S.A,”  which you can find on his site. His work is carefully researched and easily digestible mundane astrology at its finest.

What is the Ecliptic? by Science News-Great Photos-Sky Alerts. There are a couple of good images here explaining the apparent path that the Sun takes across the sky as well as the Moon’s Nodes. Also, stay up to date with night time celestial events by checking in with EarthSky from time to time.

Astrolabe. Astrology software including the popular Solar Fire Gold 8 (one of the main programs that I am currently working with). You can call the staff at Astrolabe with any questions that you may have about your software.

Cosmic Patterns Software. Now merged with Matrix Software as of July, 2013. This is the software designed by David Cochrane who is also founder of the Avalon School of Astrology in Florida. The Sirius program is, “the most comprehensive astrology program in the world.” David is also at the forefront of astrological research concentrating on harmonics and wave theory. Here is a link to David’s e-book, The First 32 Harmonics: A Qualitative Research Study. David, thank you for your generosity and your time, it was great to finally meet you at UAC 2012.

Matrix Software. Now merged with Cosmic Patterns as of July, 2013. Founded by Michael Erlewine. Home of the WinStar series of astrological programs (I use his Tibetan Astrology program quite regularly). Here is a link to a long list of astrology articles on the Matrix site. Michael has been extremely generous with his free e-books on astrology; Tibetan Astrology, Astrology of the Heart, Astrology’s Mirror and How to Learn Astrology, just to name a few. There are other great items here as well. Michael, thanks for your kind words and generosity.

Intrepid Astrological Software by The Astrological Bureau of Ideas or ABOI. Jeffrey Sayer Close and Stephanie Clement have teamed up to bring out a unique astrology software package. This software generates forward and converse planetary arc directions and planet centered charts with selected moons available.

Seven Stars Astrology, by Ant Cap, a site dedicated primarily to traditional methods. Example Charts. This is a good classic astrology resource and a place to go to for discussing the ancient techniques. There is some great material on the 12th parts or dwads and how they were used in ancient Western astrology. A significant contribution to astrology on the web.

The Australian Academy of Feng Shui founded by Vic Ketis. I attended Vic’s presentation at UAC 2012, East-West track. Thank you Vic for the great info and outstanding presentation on Chinese Astrological cycles.

Right Place Consulting with Jim Shawvan. Jim is an Certified Astrological Professional (CAP) in the San Diego, CA area and a very kind and knowledgeable man. Electional, Horary, Karmic, Natal, Predictive, Relationships, Relocation and Travel astrology. Jim it was good talking with you at UAC 2012.

Edgar Yung (Lok Tin) Feng Shui & Chinese Astrology This site has some interesting articles. I was particularly inspired by the results of one of Edgar’s Feng Shui consultations where a family was finally able to conceive after modifying their house, here is the link to that article. Edgar goes into the basics of Chinese astrology as well including Zi Wei Dou Shu or Purple Rose Calculation.

Bazi Diary by Chris Chan. This site has some decent articles on Ba Zi or Four Pillar Analysis. Although the site appears to be abandoned or no longer updated, I’m going to leave the link here on my page as there is still some good analysis here, especially since there is so little written on the Four Pillars in English.

Yi Bazi is a Ba Zi blog. This site has some relevant information on it and it looks great, although it may have been abandoned as well as the above link appears to have been. Again, since there is so little information out there on Four Pillar analysis in English I am going to link to it here as long as the site is there. There is some good analysis in this blog, so check it out if you are interested in the Four Pillars.

Astrology Organizations


The Astrological Society of North Texas or ASNT. Monthly meetings in the DFW metroplex on the 2nd Sunday of the month. A nationally renowned astrologer will present a two-day workshop once a year. Find the Past ASNT Newsletters here, they contain a wealth of astrology articles, views and insights, in particular from Donna Henson among others.

The Magi Society. This is their home page. You can read many articles as well as download their free mini book, which is their 3rd book sans the natal planetary cookbook combos. Yes–study the Magi techniques and if you are intrigued–then buy the software. You will need to get the heliocentric upgrade at a minimum. I do recommend purchasing at least their 1st and 3rd book as you will have a good foundation to start on from these and you will have the natal delineations that I mentioned earlier. From the Book Reviews section in the Feb 2014 Horoscope Guide by Kenneth Irving, “…and if anyone now reading this remembers the reviews I did of the Magi books, you’ll know that this is definitely worth the read, and of course the price is just the icing in the cake…[and]…So very clearly, my advice is to grab this one, and in fact it is worth printing out all 179 pages so you don’t have to read it on a PC screen.” Really, the best thing to do is just buy the 3rd book! And I wouldn’t recommend buying the software if it wasn’t worth it. It makes practicing the Magi methods much, much easier than attempting to use other software programs.

(Update: The 2013 STAR conference has been cancelled and as far as I am aware STAR will be no more. Maybe it will come back next year, we will see. I was truly disappointed at the news of this). The South Texas Astrology Retreat is a once a year retreat for astrologers interested in traditional astrology, i.e. Hellenistic, Medieval, Renaissance, etc. Past speakers have been Joseph Crane, Chris Brennan, Lee Lehman, Robert Hand and for 2012, Demetra George. I have personally attended three (Lehman, Hand and George). STAR is an alternative to the large astrology conference model and is held at the Margaret Austin Center in Chappell Hill, TX.

The Astrological Society of Austin or ASA. Monthly astrology meetings on the 3rd Friday of the month in the Austin area. I presented here in 2010 and will again in April 2014–a smart and well read astrology group for sure.

The Houston Astrological Society: This is the link to their official site. There are several long time astrologers on the board, the late astrologer Ginger McCord was one of them. She was the editor of the extremely successful monthly Indigo Sun Magazine, which had a wide regional circulation in Texas. Be sure to check them out!

The Rosicrucian Fellowship–An Association of Christian Mystics. Perhaps you have read Max Heindel’s Message of the Stars. You can download all of his books for free in e-book format. It may come as a shock to some that you can have Christian beliefs and still practice astrology–who would have thunk it? There’s free astrology software that you can download as well.

The Church of Light. also, The Religion of the Stars and The Brotherhood of Light. From the site: “Become adept in the use of astrology, mental and spiritual alchemy, the tarot and other related hermetic studies. Use astrological techniques and mental alchemy for improving finances, affectional relations, career and self-esteem.” I think that you may find some of the Church of Light teachings more than useful, but some of that will depend on whether or not you are aligned with certain aspects of their philosophical underpinnings. For example, reincarnation is not a part of COL beliefs. As my understanding goes, the COL was founded by C. C. Zain (Elbert Benjamine) in the 1930’s with one of it’s main purposes to protect astrology from being banished all together by the State of California. This was accomplished by encompassing astrology within the new religion named the Church of Light. All of the COL material is available for download–astrology software is available for purchase.

The International Feng Shui Association. The reason why I’m including this link here is that Chinese Metaphysics (CM) includes the various forms of Chinese astrology, Feng Shui and I-Ching (Yi Jing) among several other important methods and schools of thought. The remedial measures that a Feng Shui Master or practitioner offers are no less important or inseparable than the remedial measures of the Vedic tradition that go hand in hand with Vedic astrology. Our Western tradition is a bit more complicated and ranges anywhere from “It is Thy Fate” of the Hellenistic/Stoic view to the ultra-modern “move to your Jupiter or Venus line.” What are the answers to someone’s difficult life now that the astrologer (of whatever tradition or school of thought) has correctly identified the problem? Feng Shui is but one of those remedies for the CM practitioner.

The National Council for Geocosmic Research or NCGR, is one of the more excellent astrology organizations and one of the largest. Monthly newsletters and bi-annual journals as well as audio recordings from many past conferences. Professional astrology certification. One of the “Big Three.”

The American Federation of Astrologers or AFA is one of the oldest surviving astrology organizations in the U.S. They offer professional astrology certification as well. Online astrology bookstore. One of the “Big Three.” Yearly conferences–I attended the Traditional Astrology conference in Tempe in September of 2011. It was good to see James Holden and to finally meet him. He was doing Traditional Western Astrology before there ever was such an impulse in many of the current, more well known traditional astrologers who are alive today. And he was doing and translating traditional astrology (some of this while at Texas Christian University in Fort Worth) before some of the younger traditional astrologers were even a twinkle in their parent’s eyes. And to top it all off, he was translating these documents in the 1950’s and beyond while residing in the lower part of the rhinestone of the buckle of the Bible Belt in North Texas for many years. Interesting–you might say, but all true nonetheless. Mr. Holden recently passed this year (2013) and he will be missed dearly.

The International Society for Astrological Research or ISAR. Journals, professional astrology certification and past audio from conferences. One of the “Big Three.”

The Organization for Professional Astrology or OPA. Professional astrology certification and training for the aspiring working astrologer. Seems to be a smaller, more tight-knit group of professional astrologers.

The American College of Vedic Astrology or ACVA. Also known as Indian or “Hindu” astrology. Hindu is no longer used to describe this kind of astrology, however. Professional astrology certification.

Council of Vedic Astrology or CVA.

The United Astrology Conference will be held in New Orleans May 24th – 29th, 2012 at the New Orleans Marriott on Canal St. UAC is the world’s largest gathering of astrologers once every four years. Several astrology organizations will be present at UAC, while UAC is sponsored by ACVA, AFAN, CVA, ISAR and NCGR.

AFAN – the Association For Astrological Networking – From the AFAN about page, “AFAN’s global mission is to enhance, protect, and validate the important role astrologers and astrology have in today’s society. Media accountability and public information are top priority, on-going projects for AFAN. Through Media Watch AFAN monitors the press and responds, correcting inaccurate or biased print and electronic media accounts. We vigorously network people with helpful resources and material, including legal information, and the AFAN Legal Information Kit. AFAN’s Legal Information Committee has been extraordinarily successful in changing laws restrictive to the practice of astrology. AFAN works with other organizations and individuals to provide funding for various astrological projects, grants and scholarships. Additionally, AFAN surveys existing sources in astrological education, sponsors International Astrology Day and co-produces with other astrological organizations the United Astrology Conference (UAC). Members are the lifeblood of AFAN, they provide the ideas, energy and the reason for AFAN’s existence.”

More Great Sites



Shoestring Parenting, “I created Shoestring Parenting to offer some of the great budgeting and saving advice I’ve found helpful throughout my years of parenting and to create a space for other parents to share what has worked for them.”

A-Z Listing by Dani Llewellyn. This is an excellent free Index Plugin–highly recommended. Many thanks!

Stones and Bones | Educational Traveling Museum — From the About page: “Stones and Bones is owned by John and Susan Mellyn of Historic Gruene, Texas. We have been in the artifact business for over 20 years and collecting most of our lives. This web site is part of the evolution of our business. Some of our personal artifacts are pictured in Lar Hothem’s books (Paleo-Indian Artifacts, Shell Bone and Antler Artifacts, Unusual Artifacts, and Who’s Who’s #10).” I also highly recommend their store, Natural Selections, a Rock/Curiosity/Museum Shop (I honestly don’t know what to call this place but it’s fascinating). Imagine a museum tucked away in the Texas Hill Country that you can buy things from–pretty cool!

Perceptive Souls with Bevin Niemann — Guidance for intuitive empaths, lightworkers and conscious leaders. Bevin “Walks the Talk” and that is the most critical factor, in my humble opinion, on what to consider when choosing someone to work with in the many areas of what in means to be an empath. You will find her to be warm, loving and truly in tune with what you are going through. I highly recommend her work and services.

Keene Central Affordable Web Design — by Bethuel Correa. Bet is a coder, web developer and one of the best teachers that I have had the pleasure of working with. He has been in the trenches with all kinds of Web development and back-end problems and is adept at finding workable and practical solutions to the worlds website and web development issues. You should contact him for anything that you may have related to getting your site up and running.

Alysia Petti is a user experience strategist, designer and developer. Contact Alysia if you have any kind of SEO needs for your website. She can get you started at whatever level you are at and will meet you where you are in the process. Mostly, Alysia is very familiar with the process of establishing a business presence on the Web. From her site, “I create industry leading enterprise websites, applications and utilizing the latest Adobe products and trends to match.”

Tune in to Star’s Heart of the Matter on People For People Radio each and every Friday. The show airs 5pm to 7pm EST and 2pm to 4pm PST. Also, Star does in-depth Tarot for the sign elements (ex: Earth: Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn) every week on the show.

Wolf Spirit Radio–Wolf Spirit Media Network: Get Ready To Learn The Truth and Haggie Shack Radio. I found these guys and gals back in April 2016 and I’m so glad that I did. A real treasure trove of insightful opinions and fun shows to listen to that challenge your mind–check them out–you will be glad you did. Many thanks and many blessings to the Wolf Pack, including but not limited to JayPee, Coleen, Nancy, Walt, Dolly, Frank, Max, Vanessa, Simon, Emily, Jessica and all else who contribute to changing the world one broadcast at a time! [Wolf Spirit Radio permanently closed it’s doors as of December 2018, we will miss it very much!]

Elizabeth Anglin. From her site, “Elizabeth Anglin helps people connect with their friends and family in spirit, beloved pets, spirit guides, guardians, angels, the akashic records, and the wisdom and intelligence of the physical body – optimizing physical and emotional wellness, accelerating healing, and overcoming grief, stress and anxiety.” I can attest to Elizabeth’s skills and have completed one course through her.  You can read further testimonials on her home page.

Readings by Arael. Jessica is an outstanding and gifted psychic, intuitive and a medium. She is also the host of Answers From the Universe and The Andronicus Transmissions on Wold Spirit Radio with JayPee on Thursday afternoons and I have appeared on her show a few times. I can attest to her abilities and skills. She is non-judgmental in her work, so if you feel as though there is no one to talk to about your problem then consult with Jessica!

Best Singing Bowls by Ryan. This is a very comprehensive and well done site. My hats off to Ryan for going to the lengths that he has to make this site and bowl selection available. Probably the most comprehensive site on Tibetan Singing Bowls available.

Janet Cyford–Traditional British Spiritualist Medium. Janet is the author of The Ring of Chairs: The Story of a Spirit Trained Medium. From her site, As a Spiritualist Medium she seeks to serve others by expressing principles of personal responsibility, respect and unconditional love. Teaching a self discipline she enables others to express the Divinity within. For this is the highest form of Mediumship. Her knowledge and teachings of an afterlife beyond death, is the subject of a series of workshops covering Spiritual Healing, altered States of Awareness, Inner Attunement and Mediumistic Development. Using Symbolism and Analogy, her work is educational and informative, for it can guide students to an understanding and recognition of their Greater Self.” Janet has been a friend of mine since 1998. Contact her with any questions that you may have. She gives great advice and insight! Many Blessings to you, Janet

Earth School: [Update: Nov 2014: Earth School is currently in a transition mode from the previous facility. We are told that it will reopen soon in the DFW area] Education Facility, Meditation Center & Spiritual Holistic Retail Store in Ft. Worth, TX owned by Castle Hill. I really enjoy the concept of the Earth School and I think that you will too. Classes of all types throughout most of the day as well as Meditations, Yoga instruction, Qi Gong, Reiki, Unexplained Phenomena (Philoso Phenomena with Daniel J.), Movie nights plus more classes and meetups are being added all of the time. Here is the Earth School Meetup page, there are many events and classes throughout the day. Check out the Earth School Store as well as Earth School Publications and tell Castle that I sent you! BTW I will start hosting an every other week Tues night Astrology Meetup here beginning on Feb 11th, 2014 from 8pm to 9:30pm!

Balance Your Life with Alida. Alida is an energy coach and I can attest to her effectiveness. The work that Alida does is completely unique–Contact her for a session! Many thanks Alida!

Food Revelation with Gail. Gail takes an intuitive approach to diet, nutrition and cooking. Her protocol has worked extremely well for me. If you have issues with allergies, weight gain, energy levels, supplements, etc., then contact Gail for a session or find out when her next class will be. Thank you Gail!

Past Life Lady–The Official Website of Shelley Kaehr, Ph.D.–from her site, “For over a decade Shelley Kaehr, Ph.D. has worked with thousands of individuals and groups around the world helping them achieve greater peace and happiness in their lives. Her work as a past life regression therapist has been endorsed by Dr. Brian Weiss who called her work, “An important contribution to the field of regression therapy.” Her critically acclaimed bestselling book on the subject, Lifestream, describes powerful past and future life journeys of her clients. A native of Albuquerque, New Mexico, Shelley became widely known as one of the world’s leading authorities on energy healing and mind body medicine by using gems and minerals with her hypnosis clients. She believes our memories are stored holographically in the energetic fields surrounding our bodies, and by combining hypnosis with healing work, lasting change is achieved. She has been featured on Coast to Coast AM, Canada’s X-Zone and William Shatner’s Weird or What  and truly believes that everyone can leave the past behind to live happier lives. Shelley received her Ph.D. from the American Institute of Holistic Theology in 2001, and lives near Dallas, Texas.”

PhilosoPhenomena: From the old site description, “PhilosoPhenomena is dedicated to addressing extraordinary phenomena in a philosophical manner to make aware the Infinite Potential of the Cosmos!”   Special thanks to Daniel & Tanya! You can find Daniel’s book on Amazon too, see above link.

Paradigm Shift Dallas – Fort Worth Metroplex: From the site description: ‘Ascending to the astral plain and beyond.’ Paradigm Shift communities encourage open-mindedness, healthy living, and the evolution of consciousness.  Special thanks to Jeff & Castle! We are One!

The Crystal Source: The Crystal Source (also Crystal Ally) is a metaphysical store and healing center in Hurst, TX. There is also an incredible selection of crystals, stones & minerals. There are various meetups, psychic fairs, classes and gatherings at the Crystal Source throughout the month. Be sure to meet James and Joan, they are the owners of the store. You will like what you find here. Look them on The Crystal Source Meetup page as well to see what is coming up next. Also, I’m there the 3rd Saturday of every month for astrology readings

Elements of Style with Feng Shui by Kelly Joy Freeman. Kelly is a Certified Feng Shui Professional and understands how businesses and homes thrive under the right energetic principles, based on Feng Shui. I have included her link here because Feng Shui has everything to do with the right steps that people can take with regard to adverse astrological influences. In the East, and especially in China, this is well known and understood. The same is true for Indian culture (for Hindu/Vedic astrology or “jyotish,” the Feng Shui equivalent there is known as Vastu Shastra or “science of construction.”). Read my comments below about the International Feng Shui Association under Astrology Organizations. Seek Kelly out for excellent FS advice for your home or business!

Momentum98: I can recommend Phil for his expertise on new energy healing modalities and technologies, like the Far Infrared Sauna Relax Sauna and Quantum Age Water Stir Wands. Write me if you have any questions. I will say that there is no doubt in my mind that the FIR energy is a healing energy source. You will be surprised by it’s many beneficial effects, like reduced inflammation, lower blood pressure, joint pain relief, reduction in asthma symptoms, etc. I’ve been using the Stir Wands for a couple of years now. What do they do? They oxygenate, detoxify and hydrate the water. There are clinical studies to back up the claims. Check them out Quantum Age Water–also, be sure to contact or call QAW President David Schneider if you have any questions about the Stir Wands–they are nothing short of amazing.

We are often the first to introduce innovative, new holistic health products to the public. At and in our Momentum Health Store, you will find a full array of professional massage tools, homeopathic remedies, alternative health information, household items and personal care wellness products, books, videos, charts, yoga and fitness equipment, and of course, the very popular and affordable Relax Far Infrared Ray Portable Sauna – available in either sit up or lie down models. – See more at:
We are often the first to introduce innovative, new holistic health products to the public. At and in our Momentum Health Store, you will find a full array of professional massage tools, homeopathic remedies, alternative health information, household items and personal care wellness products, books, videos, charts, yoga and fitness equipment, and of course, the very popular and affordable Relax Far Infrared Ray Portable Sauna – available in either sit up or lie down models. – See more at:

Jennifer Hoffman goes beyond being a psychic and intuitive. She can help you to get straight to the core issues that are holding you back. She is well versed in astrology as well and does weekly newsletters and hosts a radio show on Wednesday nights on BlogTalkRadio. From personal experience, I can highly recommend her services to you.

Indigo Sun: Your Source for Self-Discovery since 1993! Editor Ginger McCord. This magazine is free at many metaphysical and/or holistic/spiritual stores & gatherings in Texas. You can also subscribe. Great articles and news on many topics including health, healing, natural food and medicine, astrology, reiki, angels, channeling, etc. Thank you Ginger for all of your help and advice!

The New Era Times: An Online Newspaper for the Dawning of a New Era This is an outstanding online resource. Article topics include: Ancient Mysteries, Living Green, Prophecy, Spirituality & Religion, New Era Investigates and The Unexplained among others. Editor Rita Mills. Rita it was good to meet with you and I wish you continued success.

The Book Connection by Rita Mills. This is a full service packaging / shepherd and consulting service. Get your book published! Her team of experts can guide you through the process.

Holistic Networker – Your Guide to Wellness [in the DFW area and beyond]. Thanks, Tony, for listing the SignsInLife Chinese Astrology Four Pillars Workshop (3/1/14). Download or read online their monthly online magazine.

Mira Cosic is the owner and operator of Spiritual Enthusiast Magazine. She has featured one of my articles to which I am eternally grateful!!! She is a fellow astrologer as well and WordPress web designer. Check out the site for news, articles and interviews on topics such as meditation, spirituality, health & nutrition and much more. – “Beyond the Five Senses” Read about Kellye Magbee and her services here. She also hosts a Psychic & Holistic Fair in Richardson, TX (Dallas area)  on the 2nd Saturday of the month. I have worked at two Psychic & Holistic Fairs in 2013 as a guest astrologer and hopefully will be able to do in the near future.

John Alan Cartomancy – I Ching  Tarot reviews, readings and articles. John is articulate and has done his research. I can tell that he has a real passion for Tarot, which is good for you when you are getting a reading or looking for relevant information on the subject of cartomancy. Thanks, John, for contacting the site.

LaVar Designs – Contact Regina for stones and rocks of all sorts, including beautiful jewelry. From her site, “Regina’s jewelry is designed to be both visually appealing as well as spiritually healing and balancing.  She uses natural stones in each piece that will assist in balancing and harmonizing the chakras and meridians, protecting the auric field from negative energies and alleviating dis-ease of the mind, body and soul.”

Mystical Shungite by Jim Walker. Shungite is an ancient healing mineral in rock form that has been used in Russia for centuries. It is unique in that it’s molecular structure is in the shape of “Bucky Balls,” also known as the Fullerene. Shungite can be used to purify and detoxify water. Ask Jim about his services and other Shungite products.

Sandra Moore Williams is a face reader and astrologer in the North Texas area. She is the author of Faces: What You See is What You Get and speaks regularly on both topics. Sandra was one of the main catalysts in spurring me on to share what I know about Chinese astrology and I am thankful for that. Thanks, Sandra, for offering me the opportunity to speak at ASNT. What this site is built on–about as easy as it gets as far as building and maintaining a website goes. Looks good too. You can search for astrology images here or really images for just about anything for that matter. I just searched “astrology” and they were able to come up with quite a few impressive images. But you do have to pay for each image or spend a certain amount and get several hundred images. Also, check out as well as as you will find different images at these sites. I think that the images are high quality in general. There’s something for everyone.

Dr. Robert M. Schoch. Dr. Schoch has appeared on numerous TV shows, magazines and journals concerning ancient civilizations. “In the early 1990s, Dr. Schoch stunned the world with his revolutionary research that recast the date of the Great Sphinx of Egypt to a period thousands of years earlier than its standard attribution. In demonstrating that the leonine monument has been heavily eroded by water despite the fact that its location on the edge of the Sahara has endured hyper-arid climactic conditions for the past 5,000 years, Dr. Schoch revealed to the world that mankind’s history is greater and older than previously believed. His latest research, put forth in his newest book, “Forgotten Civilization: The Role of Solar Outbursts in Our Past and Future,” points to the astronomical cause of the demise of antediluvian civilizations, as well as the scientific and archaeological evidence that supports his conclusions.”

International Association for Near-Death Studies or IANDS (formed in 1978). According to IANDS, “A near-death experience (NDE) is a profound psychological event  that may occur to a person close to death or, if not near death, in a situation of physical or emotional crisis. Because it includes transcendental and mystical elements, an NDE is a powerful event of consciousness; it is not mental illness.” I’m excited to announce that IANDS is having its annual conference in San Antonio, TX on September 3rd-6th, 2015 (CEU’s available for counselors, social workers, etc). Also, from one of their board members, ‘If you have ever met and talked with NDEr’s, you know that they are very special people with an intuitive exposure that the rest of us never get. NDE’s are not just about “tunnels of white light”.’