An Inspirational Black Hole

If you’re reading this then you may have wondered what has happened to me, the site, my work, etc. Sometimes people fall into something of a writer’s block or a spiritual void. What I’m calling this is an “inspirational black hole.” I know what to write and how to go about doing it, so it’s really just the motivation to do something about it. It’s a kind of a lack of motivation but much worse, hence the black hole reference. I think that it has something to do with the purpose of writing in general, knowing that just a few may read it but who knows the benefit of that? Am I writing for myself? That idea gets old, actually.



Eventually people want to know that something that they’re doing has an impact and with any luck, that impact is a positive one. One thing is for sure–this has gone on for a while and much longer than I would have suspected. At the same time, I am still here and should anyone of you reading this have any questions, then feel free to contact me. The current world crisis hasn’t destroyed everything and yet one cannot deny the mental toll that all of this has created. 

Enough of the wallowing, let’s see how we drag ourselves out of this.