Astrology testing, Free Readings and Saturn/Neptune

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<<Update: Feb 17th, 2014. I’ve just learned that I passed the Level II exam…ask me what you have to know to get through this one! I thought that it was a challenging test and worth the effort. And I am truly relieved to have made it through in one piece!>>

First, I have a small announcement: I made it through the NCGR-PAA Level I exam. Thanks to all who helped with this as it has been quite a long journey. A special thanks goes to astrologer Donna Henson for her assistance and teaching of the basic material, Bruce Scofield for his suggestions and book Astrological Chart Calculations: An Outline of Conventions and Methodology and to my lovely significant other to whom I am most grateful. I will say that while most have not necessarily relied on calculating an astrology chart by hand in recent years, it does give an essential understanding of the motions of the heavens that otherwise would not have been understood. For example, one can see how minute changes in geographic latitude change the position of the ascendant for any given sidereal time and that a real ephemeris can be quite useful for determining planetary positions; there’s just something about it that astrology software lacks in comparison. In ancient times, the astrologer was synonymous with the mathematician, so no matter in which way one decides to go about calculating their own charts by hand today, they will certainly have to brush up on their math skills. Should you have any questions about the best way to go about doing charts with the aid of a scientific calculator and trigonometry, consult the above book for instruction. Feel free to email me about this as well if you have any trouble.


Secondly, I think that it would be a great idea to set up a free reading page. This came about after I gave a short reading in the Disqus comments last month under the Chinese Four Pillar Analysis Part I article that I had written some time back. While the discussion was new, the article was old, so this posed a bit of a problem. Most of the readings that I do are private and offline, so there is a challenge with sharing this as well. Most people do not want to be that intimate with strangers in the online world, especially when we are getting personal at times. So, a free reading page may be the answer with the agreement that if you are looking for a brief reading online, then we will be sharing so that others can comment and learn as well. I’m thinking of doing somewhere in the range of 1 or 2 a month. I may have to create a new post for each free reading. And of course, the readings would be up to me as far as which ones are chosen. So, if you have a specific question or area of interest that you would like to explore, then just let me know.

Finally, we are living in some interesting times, aren’t we? Last month I was browsing through the May or June issue of Dell Horoscope and an astrology author commented on how we will be seeing some more scandals and/or controversies arise as a result of the Saturn/Neptune trine (this trine configures with the April Lunar Eclipse at tropical 5 Scorpio as well and he may have very well mentioned this). I cannot remember where the magazine is or who the author is (thanks Neptune…) but it does seem fitting. Saturn and Neptune are connecting in the declinations as well by parallel thus intensifying the trine’s effects. In the Magi Society books, they have demonstrated that time and time again the parallel in conjunction with a linkage (trine or conjunction) simply intensifies the effects of the two planets symbolized and at times this can have an exponential effect. Consider this when when knowing that both Saturn and Neptune are especially slow moving. What we have to explore here, is that if this is true, it is incredibly revealing of the interaction of these two mysterious and seemingly opposite forces.

With Saturn representing the forces that tend to be in control or in power, elected democratically especially, there is a sense with this aspect that Neptune is being pinned down, or rather deception, spying and being electronically omnipresent, are revealed for what they are. The trine, being an easy connection, is allowing the flood gates between these two to be literally opened in dramatic fashion. Also, are we seeing Saturn and Neptune add to the ages old debate of freedom (Neptune) vs. security (Saturn) and privacy (Saturn) vs. “being out in the open? (Neptune)” Several wise astrologers have commented in the past, that it is the essential natures of the planets that take primary consideration, then the type of aspect. Trines are not necessarily always “good.” And given the essential opposite nature of these two, it gives us pause when seeing this major aspect play out on the world stage. Perhaps we are better able to see with the trine, that Saturn and Neptune offer two very distinctively different views of the nature of our world. Thadd:::SignsInLife