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Offering Vibrational Astrology Sessions/Readings since 2018…


  • Contact me for an in depth astrology session. See the services page above for detailed information on the various client packages available. Check out the new testimonial page.
  • Here’s some typical reasons why clients contact me for an astrology session:
    • Your Gifts, Talents & Abilities | Vibrational Astrology, Classical Astrology & Chinese Four Pillars “Bazi”
    • Relationship issues | Compatibility & Synastry
    • Finding a job or work | Vocational & Electional Astrology
    • Turning points in your life & Forecast for the year or month | Forecasting with: Transits, Progressions, Directions & Returns
    • When to start a project or business venture | Electional Astrology
    • Relocation | Astro Mapping & Relocational Astrology
    • Career issues | Vocational Astrology
    • Family Issues | Chart Comparison, Composite Charts & Synastry
    • Rectification | Finding the correct time of birth
    • Questions of all sorts | Horary Astrology
    • Chinese Four Pillars Analysis with Luck Cycle | Natal, Compatibility & Forecasting
  • Click on the Events page above to learn more about upcoming events. Events, Classes and Presentations change from time to time so please stay in touch with the events page, SignsInLife Meetup page and sign up for the Newsletter below.
  • Go to the SignsInLife Alphabetical Blog Archive page to search for various topics in Western and Chinese astrology.
  • Use this site as a reference in your professional presentations.
  • Blog or write about what you find interesting. Use Disqus below each article or go to the SignsInLife Twitter pageSignsInLife FB page and don’t forget the SignsInLife Meetup Page as all events and presentations will be posted here too.
  • I am currently offering Vibrational Astrology sessions over the phone, Zoom or Skype. Please have an accurate time of birth from a birth certificate or official or family record if possible. Also, please include your phone number in the contact form as well. (You will receive a message from me to the email address that you have provided within 12 – 24 hours. Also, please include your phone number and remember to check your Spam or Junk folder if you have not received a reply in your inbox!)
  • I recently graduated from the Avalon School of Astrology’s Professional Astrology Certificate program (2020) in Vibrational Astrology. Many thanks to David and Fei and the Class of 2020!


Thank you & Many Blessings!






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