I attended a workshop with Michael Lutin (internationally known astrologer) on the 1st of the month. I thought that it was quite good and he raised some issues about astrology that we all need to hear, namely, the fact that there is some kernel of truth to Sun sign astrology. That is your Western zodiacal birthday sign: Aries, Taurus, Gemini, etc. You can find the birthdays for the Sun signs just about anywhere online but if you are not sure, just ask and someone can point you in the right direction.


It’s been a short while since my last post, so I thought that it was about time that I post something…anything! So here it is, just a short blurb about my upcoming presentation on Thursday, December 4th, 2014 at 7pm at Crystal Source in Hurst, TX ($20 at the door).

The Sheep

The Year of the Wood Sheep–2015

What we will be covering is the basics for next year (2015), essentially what to look out for as far as the major astrological trends are concerned. We may even throw the U.S. and/or TX chart in just for fun. Important birthdays and zodiac degrees will be covered as well as we go through the months, so please bring your birth data (day, time and location). And I will be printing off charts for everyone as usual.

I created a page for the upcoming Basic Astrology Workshop as well as this post (and it’s posted on the events page too) in order to better get the word out. I think that if you are lacking in the very beginning fundamentals of Western astrology, then it will be extremely difficult to get anything meaningful and comprehensive out of a chart. That’s why I created this workshop: we will go over the astrological signs, planets, aspects and houses in great detail. I think that you will enjoy what we have put together and it will help you to get off to a great start in whatever astrological path you decide to explore.


The plan is to make the upcoming months Prediction/Forecasting night a regular feature on the site…

I had to skip August’s due to some unforeseen events and was basically sidetracked several times in a row every time I attempted to sit down and get it done. By the time I did have a chance to sit down and upload July’s presentation for August it was already the middle of the month. So I just let it be. I will do my best to keep it together for October’s predictions/forecasts. In October we have a Lunar eclipse on October 8th at 15Aries05 followed by a Partial Solar eclipse on the 23rd at 00Scorpio24. The Lunar eclipse on the 8th will be visible in the early morning hours and the Solar eclipse will be visible in the afternoon throughout North America and Canada.

Sidereal Virgo

Sidereal Virgo

Thanks to everyone who is reading this page–readers, fans, students and of course my clients. New in-depth articles are on the way and are in the works. This has been a super duper hectic past month so far and I think that it won’t really settle down at least for a few months.

Below are just some of the notes and ideas that I came up with for July 2014 as well as the Mercury retrograde cycle. I think that we’re all in for one heck of a month. There’s some good  and bad as most months usually are. However, maybe July will be one month that we will not soon forget. I gave the two July prediction night presentations on June 27th and the 28th and Earth School in Fort Worth, TX and Crystal Source in Hurst, TX respectively and it looks like I will be doing two back to back for Aug on July 31st (Crystal Source) and Aug 1st (Earth School). As always, thank you to you all for reading and I hope that you will comment with any questions, comments or concerns. Thadd:::SignsInLife

Mercury Retrograde June-July 2014