Thanks to everyone who is reading this page–readers, fans, students and of course my clients. New in-depth articles are on the way and are in the works. This has been a super duper hectic past month so far and I think that it won’t really settle down at least for a few months.

Below are just some of the notes and ideas that I came up with for July 2014 as well as the Mercury retrograde cycle. I think that we’re all in for one heck of a month. There’s some good  and bad as most months usually are. However, maybe July will be one month that we will not soon forget. I gave the two July prediction night presentations on June 27th and the 28th and Earth School in Fort Worth, TX and Crystal Source in Hurst, TX respectively and it looks like I will be doing two back to back for Aug on July 31st (Crystal Source) and Aug 1st (Earth School). As always, thank you to you all for reading and I hope that you will comment with any questions, comments or concerns. Thadd:::SignsInLife

Mercury Retrograde June-July 2014

Update: (7/3/14)

Thanks to all who attended this class. The next one will be Thursday, 7/17/14 at 7pm. On 7/31/14 we will have a prediction night for August 2014 instead of the class.

We had some good discussion regarding weather astrology or astrometeorology and astrology software. There are several authors and resources out there for this, namely Carolyn Egan, Kris Brandt-Riske and the Church of Light as well as Alphee Lavoie’s research with the Gators.  With astrology software, there are so many options to choose from. As of now, I am recommending Solar Fire but if you want to do some specialist type of astrology, just let me know and I will point you in the right direction. Not all software is good for everyone and there are many different price levels all the way from free to the hundreds of dollars.

It looks like we have added another must have to the list: The Only Way to Learn Astrology: Basic Principles, Vol 1, 2nd Edition [Marion D. March, Joan McEvers]. This book was actually recommended by my and several other students years ago during a 6-week basic astrology workshop. There are just so many out there that it’s hard to keep up sometimes. So we are adding this one to the must have list.

Below are a few brief articles for you consideration written by long-time DFW based astrologer, Eugene Johnson. Thank you, Gene for your contribution to SignsInLife, I appreciate the input. Hopefully, I can find the time to make a few comments within the next couple of weeks. Too many irons in the fire right now. But again, I appreciate any and all input. If you have an article or opinion that you would like to share on the site, then just contact me through the contact page. Thadd:::SignsInLife

The following two articles were written and researched by Eugene Johnson–March 2014:

First off, this is a long overdue article on a widely unknown and perhaps misunderstood part of the Four Pillars system. Thank you to all of the readers of this site. You are constantly telling me that I have the only site out there that is addressing the Four Pillars system in an adequate way, in English. But there is so much more to do and write about. Hopefully you have been reading all of the Reader Q&A’s that I have published in the last couple of months. There is more to come in the near future. Remember that you can read all of the current and past works of Dr. Lily Chung and her student Jerry King. All in all there are about 7 or more books on the Four Pillars between the two of them. The best thing that can recommend when using this system is to read, read and read some more and practice, practice and practice. And have a ton of patience for yourself and for others, that is the single biggest key. Jerry has repeatedly told me to “take my time.” This has been good advice as systems like this need time to settle in and I would imagine that this is true for any astrological or divination system.

Chinese Compass--You Can Buy this print here!

Chinese Compass–You Can Buy a copy of this print here!

<<The following will appear in the next issue of the Jan/Feb 2014 NCGR Memberletter and a shortened version can be found at the link here in the Indigo Sun Magazine on page 8. Many thanks to Ronnie and Ginger and of course, Jerry King and Dr. Lily Chung! And I cannot forget, many thanks to my wife, family, friends and all of those who have supported me in this work! Also, check the Archive page above for more on the Chinese Four Pillars, example charts and Western astrology as well. Thank you, Thadd:::SignsInLife>>